Alex Sink Would Defeat Rick Scott in 2014, According to Poll

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If scientists could harness the power of a black hole and build a time machine, we could use it to go back in time to kill Hitler and cure AIDS while going forward in time and seeing who wins the next 40 World Series while also living in a Rick Scott-free world. 

But for now, we have a poll conducted by the Tampa Bay Times, the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald (They still call it nuevo? That paper's like 30 years old.), Bay News 9 (Tampa), and Central Florida News 13 and by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research.

In that poll, we find that Alex Sink would defeat Rick Scott for governor of Florida in 2014, while Scott would be deadlocked in a tie with Charlie Huggy McGee Crist.

The poll, which was conducted this week, with the results released yesterday, has Sink beating Scott 47 percent to 39 percent in a let's everybody pretend it's the year 2014 election.

Meanwhile, the poll also shows that turncoat independent Gov. Charlie Crist is essentially tied with Scott, with a few margin of error numbers here and there.

The poll was apparently conducted over the telephone, which means no one under the age of 55 was polled, probably.

Eight hundred registered voters were asked who they will likely vote for, with the margin of error being plus or minus 3.5 percentage points. Half of those surveyed in the poll said they disapprove of Scott's job performance, while the other half yelled out, "Stop calling me -- I'm eating dinner!"

How these numbers will shift in the next two years, of course, remains to be seen. So far, people seem to not like Rick Scott very much, despite his lying about how awesome the unemployment numbers have been under his watch. The Sink thing may be buyer's remorse, while no one knows what the hell they think about Crist. Do they like him? Do they hate him? What's up with that tan? Will he go around hugging everybody if he wins?

Such a mystery, that guy.

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How Did Rick Scott Thank The 2% that Helped Him win the Election He Took Their Voting Rights Away


She did such a fine job the first time. The Dems screwed up so badly both in the Senatorial and Gubernatorial elections. Run candidates that have a chance of winning. Kendrick Meek? He may be a great person, but it was clear that Christ was the answer.

In politics...especially in Florida if you don't've lost.  Now we have joys like Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and the best of them all..Allen West.

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Ms. BankAmerica vs. Skeletor. Woe is us.


@NewTimesBroward @AlexSinkFlorida let's get to work on this!

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