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It's looking more and more like South Florida will feel the effects of Tropical Storm Isaac. But the computers still can't agree on where exactly the storm will make landfall. BECAUSE THE COMPUTERS ARE TURNING AGAINST US.

Either way, we'll get really, really wet... or we'll get hit in the face with a hurricane.

However! There is some good news in the form of "probabilities" and statistics.

The National Weather Service's warning coordination meteorologist, Robert Molleda, said this morning there's only a 25 to 35 percent probability that we'll feel tropical-storm-force winds or rain come Monday. And Monday is expected to be the worst of it. Hooray, math!

The European model, ECMWF, shows the Bermuda High over Florida keeping Isaac south of the state, Molleda said.

The other scenario is based on the GFS model, which shows the Bermuda High much weaker, allowing the storm to move closer to the Sunshine State.

But let's not let our guard down just yet. Because hurricanes are unpredictable bastards.

Molleda said it's still too early to be certain these readings will be on the money. The track will be much easier to determine once Isaac hits the mountains of Hispaniola. If the mountains get all Ultimate Fighting Champion on Isaac's ass and rough him up, we might be out of the woods.

We'll still get crazy wet, but that's better than an actual hurricane (for most people, anyway).

Isaac is expected to turn into a hurricane tomorrow morning just before hitting Hispaniola.

According to the National Hurricane Center's 8 a.m. update, Isaac was about 225 miles south to southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rico. No major damage was reported from P.R., but authorities say an elderly woman died in an accident while preparing for the storm.

You can track Isaac live here.

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