Tropical Storm Isaac Is Better Organized, Could Hit Florida On Monday

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While you were sleeping comfortably all tucked away in your bed, Tropical Storm Isaac was getting stronger, working out in the dark like Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear, with only thing on his mind -- devastation.

Isaac's track still has it potentially landing somewhere off the South Florida coast by early Monday.

Where exactly is the question.

Early this morning, the National Hurricane Center said that conditions were ripe for Isaac to keep getting stronger. And they expect the tropical storm to become a hurricane by Thursday as it nears Puerto Rico. Isaac is currently moving westward at 18 mph with maximum winds reported at 45 mph.

Computer models are predicting that Isaac will begin to bend towards the northwest. Where it ends up from there is the big question. It could brush the Florida coast and ruin the RNC in Tampa, or it could make landfall and screw up everybody's week.

That will be determined by the strength of a high-pressure ridge to Isaac's north, and a trough digging down from the southeastern U.S.

Help us, high-pressure ridge and southeastern trough. You're our only hope.


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So you are saying this storm will dress up like my maid and strangle me with a piano wire it already stole from my house? Also I am bad at inferring things. 

TheBDHill 1 Like

In the words of Joe Hill, "Don't mourn, organize!" #HurricanesarethenewIWW


@byChrisJoseph i just shat my pants more for Max Cady than I did for the tropical storm. DENIRO CAN KILL YOU


@byChrisJoseph Ahhh Cape Fear. The movie that reminded us how hot a shy teenage girl from a broken home can be..

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