Reggie Bush Will Call And Leave You A Personal Message

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"Sup girl... I gotta go make a phone call..."

Ever find yourself thinking, "Bro, I wish I was friends with a famous person. Like Snoop Dogg or, better yet, my favorite player from the Miami Dolphins, Reggie Bush!"

Well, now through the magic of, you can have Reggie Bush call you with a personalized message, or have him call someone you know. 

The messages are pre-recorded, but you can scroll though different options, like name, hobbies, city, and place them into the blank lines -- kind of like your own personal Mad Libs, but with a famous person who is not very good at voice-over acting!

Oh Internet. Is there nothing you can't do?

The CeleCalls people sent me a sample personalized message from Reggie Bush to share with you all:

It's kinda neat, if you can get past the canned robotic inserted lines ("CHRIS this is running back Reggie Bush KEVEN asked me to give you a call and tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY...")

You can also hear samples of the other celebs the website offers. The Rick Pitino and Ben Roethlisberger ones are especially life affirmation-like, except without all the adultery and rape talk (ALLEGEDLY).

The Mike Tyson one is special and hilariously incoherent. 

When I first heard of this thing, I was hoping that the service provided us with the ability to have Reggie "LaMontelle Pussyhammer" say whatever we wanted him to in the message, and then sit back and enjoy the crazy. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

But that didn't stop me from hitting up the Twitter machine and asking my readers what they would request Reggie to say in their own personal messages from him. 

Below are the best responses:

Yup, these are my readers.

Each call costs $3.99. You can visit CelebCalls at their website.

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