Poll: Floridians Not Down With Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan

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Paul Ryan Talks Medicare, Uses Mom As Mascot to Make His Point

He trotted out his mom like Sebastian the Ibis last week in front of thousands of retirees to tell them his Medicare plan is going to be a good thing, and that President Obama's plan will turn you over to a panel of bureaucrats who will then determine whether or not a person deserves to live.

But the Power of Momma Ryan -- as spry and excitable as she can be -- doesn't seem to be making a dent with Floridians, according to a new poll.

While RoboRomney's decision to go with Ryan as his Boy Wonder might have given him a micro-bump to cut Obama's lead in swing states in the latest Quinnipiac University/CBS News/New York Times poll, the same Floridians polled say they like Medicare just the way it is, and don't want it to turn into a voucher program, as Ryan's plan proposes.

"By more than four-to-one margins, voters in each state say the health-care program for the elderly is worth the cost, and six in ten say they favor keeping the current Medicare model," said pollster Peter Brown.

The poll says that only 11 percent of Floridians support big reductions in Medicare to reduce the federal deficit. Meanwhile, 48 percent support minor reductions while 35 percent favor no reductions at all.

Ryan says major cuts are needed, while Obama intends to only give it a few tweaks.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, Ryan's proposal would raise seniors' out-of-pocket expenses by $6,500 per year, while Obama's plan would extend Medicare's solvency for another eight years.

Ryan insists that he and Romney will win this debate. But, so far, the numbers ain't helping.

But what are numbers and facts when you can just scare people and use Heavy Metal songs to get people all fired up?


Well, when in doubt, there's always Momma Ryan.


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Surina Staley
Surina Staley

I think everyone should have the right to medical care. Especially children and the elderly. Just as every women should have the right to choose what's right for them when it comes to procreating

Randy Lay
Randy Lay

That is so untrue. Mom or not, his budget plan makes no changes in coverage whatsoever for those 55 or over.


like social security.  everyone knows its broke, but nobody wants to go on the record for any changes, since they will be attacked.


-same for immigration, medicaid, medicare, taxes, etc...   nobody wants to be on the record for any real change.


but everyone knows this can not continue at its current rate... yet everyone wants their cut. 


at least Ryan has some balls to propose something.


the question is, what is the long term solution, Not the 8 year solution.... which is what Obama has proposed. -like the medical act... most of the cost and affect are not in effect until after he is out of office.


-why is that? 

Sheila Pechman
Sheila Pechman

Mother's will stand up for their children in public even if they're wrong. His mother had no sway over seniors in Florida. Every mother and grandmother knows this. Ryan wants to kill Medicare for ALL seniors 55+ or 55-. We'll be a country of sick seniors living on the streets if they win.

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