Paul Ryan Talks Medicare, Uses Mom As Mascot to Make His Point

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Paul Ryan made his campaign stop in Florida this weekend where he introduced his mom to a bunch of old rich retired white people to make his point that he won't take away their Medicare. 

The spry, enthusiastic 78-year old Betty Ryan Douglas trotted out on stage with her son and was all, I got no problems with my son's Medicare plan, so you shouldn't either because you're old like me! 

Ryan gave a 20-minute speech to a crowd of about 3,000 at The Villages -- a huge retirement community that has been called "the Disneyland for older people." He spoke mainly about Medicare while ripping on Obama's handling of it, and did that thing where GOPers use the President's plans to scare old people.

With a plane flying a banner that read, "Paul Ryan, Keep Your Hands Off Our Medicare," Ryan kept hammering the point that the President has used and will keep using Medicare as his own personal piggy bank to he can pay for that evil Obamacare bill.

Ryan then pointed to his mother and was all: Medicare: This Time, It's Personal.

"[My Mom] planned her retirement around this promise," Ryan said. "That's a promise we have to keep."

"It's not just a program," he added. "It's what my mom relies on."

Ryan also criticized the Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board, calling them "unelected bureaucrats," which we suppose is a little better than Sarah Palin's "death panel" moniker.

"Here is what Mitt Romney and I will do," Ryan continued. "We'd end the raid of Medicare; we will restore the promise of this program; and we will make sure that this board of bureaucrats will not mess with my mom's health care or your mom's health care."

Never mind the fact that the Congressional Budget Office says Ryan's proposal would raise seniors' out-of-pocket expenses by $6,500 per year. Or that Obama's plan would extend Medicare's solvency for another eight years.

But, hey, what are facts when you trot out your spry, energetic mother to wave and smile and make everyone feel like everything's gonna be a-ok?

Betty Ryan does make things, no matter how bad, seem all warm and fuzzy.


(thanks to @adamsmoot for the photoshops)

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His MOm used taxpayer financed bus to go to and from Madison every day to earn a degree from a taxpayer-financed Madison University. He got taxpayer financed Social Security benefits, which he banked to use for his college money. She may have even got government loans to help her start her small business. All of which, under Gov Scott Walker, and other leading GOPs, and Paul Ryan, won't be there for future widows and orphans to use in their time of need. 

They got help from the government, now Paul Ryan wants to dismantle all of those safety nets that helped him get where he is. 

Of course, he will have government financed health care for the rest of his life. So killing off Medicare for the rest of us is not a problem for him. 


@TheBDHill Just spit my coffee! @bychrisjoseph


@byChrisJoseph He reminds me of a Pez dispenser.

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