Paul Ryan Isn't Helping Mitt in Florida, Hasn't Actually Run the Numbers on Budget Plan

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Math? Pffft. LOLOLOLOL
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A Republican-Democratic run poll done in a dozen battleground states found that Paul Ryan gave Mitt Romney a slight bump everywhere but Florida. The poll, called Purple Strategies (clever!), found that this might be because of... WAIT FOR IT... Medicare.

When those polled were asked which ticket is more likely to protect Medicare, they chose Obama-Biden by 48-40 percent.

Meanwhile, Ryan sat down with Fox News' master-mumbler Britt Hume to talk about how he and Robo Romney's plan to balance the budget would work. When asked to go into detail about the plan, Ry said he isn't sure because "we haven't run the numbers."

So while Ryan will be hitting Florida this weekend so he can rip on the president and talk around his Medicare proposals, he and Mitt haven't actually sat down to crunch numbers and generally see if they can actually do what they keep saying they'll do. 

Mitt went with Ryan because he's supposed to be the superserious economy guy who wrote a fancy booklet with numbers, understands how to balance the budget, and will fix all our nation's financial ills -- even though he voted for the Bush-era policies that got us into this mess to begin with. 

Romney has claimed that his budget plan will cut spending to 20 percent of GDP by 2016, which is highly unlikely, but math ain't matter to a GOPer as long as you use the term "cut spending." 

More important here, Mitt says that cuts to Medicare are off the table. That all sounds nice (some would say it sounds like a fairy tale, even). But then you have your running mate hitting up the one network that's all-in on your ticket admitting that, yes,there's a plan, but we just haven't actually figured out if it's a good plan or not. But, hey, THE PREZ IS OUTTA CONTROLZ WITH ALL THAT SPENDIN'!

Can you propose a budget plan without actually knowing what that plan is? Apparently so. But hey, what's math and numbers and stuff when you can just go around saying mean things about the president. 

Quick, Robin! To the Talking Points Cave! 

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Ryan may not have the answer, but at least he has a plan and is willing to talk about it.


the fact is the USA is broke, and we owe trillions.  medicare, social security, and many entitlements are not sustainable at current levels. 


the Democrat plan appears to be ride the ship till it hits the rocks.  Republicans want to change the course.  -the course will be a rough one,  but it doesn't sink the ship.


-please explain how we get out of debt. 


Its funny how they keep saying that President Obama is on a spending spree.  MarketWatch has a little article, among other sites, that show he has spent THE LEAST out of all the presidents. 

Still do not know why ANYONE would vote republican if they are not a millionaire.


ps:  the other thing is the tax the rich plan is flawed, because there just aren't enough rich people to make up the debt.  -it sounds good, and plays well on the media, but when you run the numbers, you see its only 2% of the debt.


-so eventually taxes will have to be raised on the middle and lower classes.


(so much for don't gore my ox)


@smdrpepper Ummm, Obama has increased the national debt by five trillion dollars since taking office. 


riverrat69 topcommenter


 What is wrong with you? I'm tired of reminding you this is FloriDUH. Everyone votes against their own best interests.


 @riverrat69 Actually, it's very clear but liberals have a hard time ignoring the distractions. Obama's only plan is to attack other's like the low-life he is.

riverrat69 topcommenter


 The other thing is, why do all you frightwingers expect Obama to magically create jobs? If Reagan's trickle down economy and Bush's tax cuts worked, every one would already have a job. And if any one didn't need a tax cut, it's Mittens, Ryan and the rest of the lying bagger nuts.

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