Obama Campaign Crowdsourcing Ways to Attack Marco Rubio

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The Obama campaign sent an email to supporters last night. The subject line was "Florida's Marco Rubio for VP?" and its aim was pretty clear: They want you to tell them why you don't like the junior senator from Miami.

"With Mitt Romney expected to announce his running mate sometime very soon, we have some work to do," it says. "But most Americans don't know [Rubio] -- or the extreme, tried-and-failed policies he'd bring with him to a Romney administration. As Floridians, it's our job to share what we know about Marco Rubio with the rest of Americans."

There's a website and everything!

The Rubio form is on a page over at barackobama.com, and it's a chance for you to "share what you think people need to know about Marco Rubio," though it's unclear what the president is going to do with the anonymous, unsourced comments. (Marco Rubio won't mow his lawn! Marco Rubio killed my dog! Marco Rubio took the Florida GOP credit card and bought himself a bunch of crap!)

No word on whether former GOP chair Jim Greer will be submitting any material, but he could very well have helped the cause if his corruption trial had gone forward as planned July 30. It was postponed until after the election, ostensibly so Greer's attorney could have "more time to review documents." Lucky for the Republicans, eh?

Now, all we have to do is wait to see if Romney actually picks him.

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Since the media allows the Obama campaign to lie about everything and get away with it; they just need to keep on throwing things up to see if they stick.  For instance, they put the ad up that says that Romney is personally responsible for someone who died from Cancer 7 years after they worked for the steel plant that was not doing well because of China steel pricing.  Harry Reid lied about Romney's taxes and he got away with it; so just keep saying outrageous things about Rubio, say he beat his wife, say he forged some document-basically follow the same script they had with Palin.  You see how that worked-saying that Palins husband was a nazi, her daughter really had the kid at 13, things like that. worked in '08 and it will work again.  Then make sure that if Romney say's anything that is just an exaggeration; attack that with fervor lie about Romney, Rubio and the Repubs and attack Romney and keep saying "He lies" no matter what he said.  


Chicago style: If you can't run on your own record (which O'bama can't) then attack your opponent. O'bama has never gained office by running on his own record, only by attacking opponents. 

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