Investigation of Judge John Bowman Is Still Open, Might Be Headed to Prosecutors

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Bowman and Harper
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More than a year and a half ago, delinquent foster child Charles Harper came forward with allegations that an ex-foster dad whom he was stalking had sexually abused him.

That foster dad just happened to be John Bowman, a sitting Broward County Circuit Court Judge.

Harper took his accusations to the Plantation Police Department, which opened an investigation. And then... nothing. We checked in a couple of times. Detective Cindy Hager's investigation is still open. We figured it had been left to die, the claims unsubstantiated. 

But now JAABlog's Bill Gelin, who first introduced us to the crazy saga of Bowman adopting Harper out of his own courtroom, is reporting a rumor that the case is being passed along to prosecutors. 
We're told Plantation PD has finally readied the case for submission to the [State Attorney's Office]," wrote Gelin on Tuesday.

Broward State Attorney's Office spokesperson Ron Ishoy told Gelin that he couldn't comment but that in general cases, involving a sitting judge are reassigned by the governor's office to a different state attorney's office.

A spokesperson for Gov. Rick Scott says his office has not received such a request.

As of now, this should all be taken with a grain of salt -- but it's interesting to see the case starting to make waves again, a year and a half later.

In the meantime, Harper pleaded guilty to stalking the judge and was arrested again last year on unrelated burglary charges.

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There is no behavior by these insane judges that would surprise me.  They are a group of nutcases and more than a few should be behind bars for long periods of time, and it sounds like Bowen might be one of them.  Wonder when those judges on Rothstein's payroll are going to be indicted? You know Tobin is going to be leading the pack, no doubt.  It's  difficult to get a sitting or ex-Judge convicted, though.  Look at the Seidlin elder exploitation case.   He should have gotten 35 years in jail for what he did, and I think he's still slithering around.

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