Homeless Guy Gets 180 Days in Jail for Stealing $2 Worth of Candy

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Delvis Rodriguez-Ramos (Marion County Sheriff's Office)

Better get a candy lineup ready.

Delvis Rodriguez-Ramos, a 21-year-old homeless man, was sentenced to 180 days in jail for stealing a Twix and a Snickers from an Ocala, Florida, store.

The total price for both candies: $2.

We're not sure which is the bigger outrage here: the punishment, or the outrageously cheap prices that store sells its candy for!

Rodriguez-Ramos was already on probation for retail petty theft, and on top of the sentencing, County Judge John Futch tagged him with a $500 fine.

Futch don't fuck around.

According to the Ocala Star-Banner, an astute employee at the store noticed the candy missing Saturday.

This guy notices two candy bars missing? Someone's bucking for a promotioooooon!!

Rodriguez-Ramos, who was loitering around the store, was apparently confronted about it. But he denied taking the candy.

Then, on Monday morning, perhaps because he was filled with remorse when the supercrazy sugar rush wore off, Rodriguez-Ramos went back to the store and confessed that he did, in fact, take the Twix and Snickers. He claimed that he hadn't eaten in days.

The employee then reportedly asked him to come back the next day to talk about it. When Rodriguez-Ramos showed up, the employee called the cops. 

This guy.

Rodriguez-Ramos told the Star-Banner that he stole some canned food from Walmart earlier because he was hungry.

During the sentencing, Judge Futch asked Rodriguez-Ramos why he didn't try to find a job or seek help.

The moral of the story: Ocala is a place filled with some petty, remorseless apathetic dicks. 



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Homeless guy one, judge zero.  Homeless guy is now "not homeless for 180 Days!  If I were the homeless guy, once the sentence is complete I would go back to the same store and glomb on to another Twix and a Snickers bar!

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Ever wonder why people steal food? They are hungry and have no money to buy any? Depressed economy, no jobs and judge dumbass asks why he, Delvis, doesn't get a job. A heartless society. Next up, debtor's prison.


That's a crazy sentence.  It's time to get rid of this entire judicial system and replace the dysfunctional judges with iJudge.  Feed the info into the machine, logic comes out.

Kevin Cerino
Kevin Cerino

Great job on a very misleading headline! The guy was sentenced to jail for violating his probation. When you are on probation, you are expected to be on your best behavior.

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