Charlie Crist Will Switch to Democrat, According To Rumors

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In probably what is the least-shocking news ever, former Governor Charlie Crist might be switching over to Democrat this week. 

Saint Petersblog's Peter Schorsch tweeted out that a rumor is going around the Republican National Convention that Crist plans to write an op-ed piece in the Sunday edition of the Tampa Bay Times formally announcing his decision to go blue.

If the rumor proves true, it would be significant because many Democratic leaders have speculated Crist would switch parties in order to run for Governor in 2014.

The signs have been there for some time.

-- In 2010, he left the Republican party in a failed attempt at U.S. Senate bid.

-- Earlier this month, Crist endorsed Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson in the race for the Florida Senate.

-- Republicans hate him.


-- He works for Morgan & Morgan, a law firm that contributes a lot of money to the Democratic Party.

-- In 2011, his beard wife became a registered Democrat.

-- He left office as a popular governor, while current governor Rick Scott is suffering through some bad approval ratings.

-- Above all else, there's no stand-out leader in the Democratic Party in Florida (Alex Sink? Pfft.).

The door seems wide open for Charlie to dive in head-first at the gubernatorial race in 2014. 

A showdown between Chain Gang Charlie and Lord Voldemort Scott would be epic. Old, white, pasty and a little weird. But, epic nonetheless.

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Glad to have him. We need to welcome politicians willing to learn and evolve.

Surina Staley
Surina Staley

Were happy to have him. He actually was a good govenor here in fla.


He should have switched to the Democrat party last election. He would have had a good shot against Rubio and saved the Dems from running Kendrick Meek who just wasn't up to the task.

Joel Kodner
Joel Kodner

Yeah, I heard he liked to play for the other team...

Cheri Hahn DeSalvo
Cheri Hahn DeSalvo

hope so...he's come a long way these past few years. Perhaps the influence of his wife or perhaps he's just seen the light!

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