Bill Nelson Releases Friendly Ad, Then Slams Connie Mack (VIDEO)

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Nelson, at space camp
On Wednesday, Democratic Florida Sen. Bill Nelson released an ad: He hates oil spills, it said. He likes education and his wife. It made no mention of his Republican opponent, which, if polling is to be believed, will be Rep. Connie Mack.

Then, late Thursday, another ad. This one? Not as nice.

"Connie Mack: He thinks the rules are different for him," it says. It points out Mack's "barroom brawling" and his lousy attendance record in Congress, and quotes from the Tampa Bay Times editorial endorsement that says Mack has "questionable work habits" and "a sense of entitlement" -- a move that will only feed the Mack campaign's contention that the Times is giving Mack lousy press to protect Nelson.

Did you know Mack is still complaining about that, by the way? Mack's campaign manager called Times political editor "Bill Nelson's communications director" on Wednesday.

Anyway here's the ad:

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Bill Nelson's ad sounds like a 7th grader running for Student Council Prez or something!  Who campaigns against an opponent with this kind of juvenile, one-sided blather - "questionable work habits" and "a sense of entitlement"! 



Hey Bill.

Is that a shuttle in your pocket, or are you really just that happy to see me?

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