Obama-Bashing Billboard on I-95: Who's Behind It?

Have you seen the hysterical/apocalyptic "STOP OBAMA" billboard on southbound I-95 just past Palm Beach International Airport? It warns people that Greek-style financial armageddon is "COMING HERE SOON!" It's complete with images of cities ablaze, cops in riot gear, and stone-throwing mobs of face-masked anarchists. Yikes!

This disaster impends, the billboard implies, because of the national debt -- though what the debt actually consists of, how much of it is Obama's doing, how U.S. public finances compare with that of Greece, and various other details like what it all means are left to the viewer's inflamed imagination. The takeaway is clear: First black president = chaos in the streets.


Fire Ant really didn't want to debut with a column coming anywhere near the third rail of national politics in South Florida -- Israel and the Mideast. But as fate would have it, this billboard is funded by Aventura-based political action committee American Principles, an Israelcentric organization.

American Principles is the brainchild of one Eytan Laor, a Miami-based political operative whose fundraising goes to GOP candidates whose sole litmus test is fervent support of the State of Israel. That leaves plenty of room for political crackpots, hotheads, screw-ups, and the ethically challenged (not that the categories are mutually exclusive).

Laor's favored include "most corrupt" David Rivera (R-FL), multiply-troubled Joe Walsh (R-IL), Muslim-basher Renee Ellmers (R-NC), homophobic Denny Rehberg (R-MT), whoremonger David Vitter (R-LA), and, inevitably, not-quite-clinically-insane/no-hyperlink-necessary Allen West (R-FL).

"Conservative compass" Chris Ruddy and "South Beach Diet" doctor Arthur Agatston are the highest-profile figures on Laor's donor list. Lesser-knowns include Delray Beach pain doctor Jeffrey Zipper, Boca Raton orthodontist/political activist Larry Kawa and -- most striking -- Hollywood's Falic Family, America's foremost Likudniks.

American Principles isn't the biggest snake in the campaign finance grass by any means; the $194K it's raised this year is small potatoes in a post-Citizens United age, when superPACS raise eight-figure sums and billionaire global gambling czar Sheldon Adelson doles out $5 million a pop. Neither does Fire Ant mean to say that what to do about the national debt is not fair political game. But reasoned debate on current affairs does not result from propagandistic terrorism and a panic-stricken electorate. Mr. Laor: Tear down down that billboard!

Fire Ant -- an invasive species, tinged bright red, with an annoying, sometimes fatal bite -- covers Palm Beach County. This is his first column. Soon, it will appear twice a week on The Pulp. Got feedback or a tip? Contactfire.ant@browardpalmbeach.com.

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Fire Ant

I am (behind it…that is), but I am surprised you didn’t contact me with any questions.

We appreciate the publicity, but I was surprised that you failed to mention that we had a similar billboard in Miami-Dade on I-95, just south of the Golden Glades.

Whatever little credibility your comments may have had – even among some of your more dissident readers – was greatly diminished when you somehow brought racism into the mix by writing ”First black president = chaos in the streets”.

Can you provide any insight into that delusional connection? Not only was there nothing suggesting any racism in the billboard, but one of the beneficiaries of our PAC was Allen West. Why would we support a black man if we are indeed racists?

Furthermore, I am not sure where you obtained your information – or perhaps you are probing me for more – but our fundraising goes to candidates on several criteria. Israel is just one of them.

Don’t hesitate to write something to rile up your publication’s subversive base about our newest billboard – which hammers on the “You Didn’t Build That” theme.


Irrespective of the policy discussion, we do appreciate the coverage


Eytan Laor



p.s. Your identity would be helpful as well, since you know who we are…


Good opening, Fire Ant.  We can tell by the right-wing crazies who respond.



Black president = chaos in the streets? When you said that I was done reading this article. Having to resort to a strawman argument to defend your theory is truly sad. 


Nice Picture of Adam Hasner celebrating with that bigot Eytan Laor linked to his name in your column.

Looking forward to more from fire ant

Terry St Angelo
Terry St Angelo

I have seen several times but going top fast to read it

Ken Walters
Ken Walters

"Cops in riot gear, and stone-throwing mobs of face-masked anarchists?" Sounds like Occupiers to me. And in lieu of any ability to frame this in a political context, cry racism instead. It's time to go buy a new deck of cards, since you have apparently misplaced 51 of them.


"Cops in riot gear, and stone-throwing mobs of  face-masked anarchists"?  Just sounds like another day of Occupy Wall Street.  And in lieu of any abilty to perform any analysis, play the race card again.  Fail.


well other than blaming it all specifically on obama it's pretty accurate...more relevant than whatever other crap plastered on billboards across sfl

KennyPowersII topcommenter

 @kenwalters "The word "radical" derives from the Latin word for root. Therefore, if you want to get to the root of anything you must be radical. It is no accident that the word has now been totally demonized by our masters, and no one in politics dares even use the word favourably, much less track any problem to its root. But then a ruling class that was able to demonize the word "liberal" in the past ten years is a master at controlling --indeed stifling-- any criticism of itself. "Liberal" comes from the Latin liberalis, which means pertaining to a free man. In politics, to be liberal is to want to extend democracy through change and reform. One can see why that word had to be erased from our political lexicon."


Gore Vidal Lowell Lecture Harvard University  1992


R I P Mr. Vidal




suggested replacement : "YOU! YOU keep voting for politicians who owe allegiance to corporate entities. YOU keep buying into consumer culture without questioning how things like free trade destroy global econmies. YOU still haven't bothered looking what LIBOR even means let alone why you should perhaps stop supporting banks that have stolen billions of dollars from the american people. YOU are going into yet another election where the only people who stand a chance of winning have already pledged to run us off the fiscal cliff and only save themselves."



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