Allen West Gets His Own Words Repeated To Him By Children

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Rep. Allen West's Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy debuted a nifty new ad last night called "Time Out." The 30-second ad features children reciting some of West's most asinine lines and insults verbatim.

West told reporters in a conference call that the ad "exploits children."

How dare they use my own truculent and deprecating comments towards other people with child actors who get paid to be in a perfectly legitimate commercial! It's outrageous, egregious, preposterous!

Specifically, the kids in the ad quote West calling Obama supporters "a threat to the gene pool," and saying "you're not a lady," which West directed at DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. At one pint, a little girl says, "Get the bleep out of the U.S." which West directed at the President. 

The ad features a plethora of craptacularly douchey things uttered by the congressman, and it's both funny and smart.

A particularly enjoyable scene is hearing the kids repeat Allen's go-to attack, "You are the most vile and despicable member of the Communist Party."

West's campaign responded in a statement, saying: "It is appalling that Patrick Murphy is exploiting young children to cover for his startling lack of intellectual ability and complete ignorance of the issues. Patrick Murphy should pull his latest ad and instead address how he will stop the skyrocketing federal debt and deficits that threaten the future of our children and grandchildren."

That Murphy lacks intellectual ability and is ignorant of the issues. Unlike me, who has all the answers and facts, unless I don't, in which case I just call the person I disagree with a communist!

The last time Murphy put out an ad, Allen went on FOX News and proclaimed that Democrats were afraid of black conservatives, among the other usual troglodytic bullshit.

But, as he did with the first ad, Murphy strikes at the heart of everything that's wrong with West. The ads are funny and, more to the point -- on point. 

You have to admit, at the very least, that the ad is entertaining. Even if admitting that makes you a pinko commie Trotsky loving bastard!

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What better way to discredit the vile Allen West, than by repeating his own hate-filled words, word for word. 


Look like this house boy has lost his job....What wrong hous boy you don't keep the house clean anymore....You should do well out in the field picking cotton......You are an embarrassment to the Black race.....I'm so happy they will toss your lamebrain jackass back in the cesspool......

riverrat69 topcommenter

I'm waiting for the teabagger defense to start.  Come on Allen, you're going to need help with this one.


best political ad EVER!  And a perfect description of tea baggers although those kids are much more mature than they are.


Well, in that clown West has the maturity level of a 9-year-old, the commercial makes perfect sense, wouldn't you say?

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