Allen West: Dems Are "Afraid of Black Conservatives"

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Allen West spoke with Fox News' Sean Hannity last night and got all mad at them race baiting Democrats who are using the "race card" and stereotypical depictions to keep him down.

West's beef came mainly from this video by American Sunrise PAC, showing a cartoon version of him sporting boxing gloves and knocking out an elderly woman.

We break down some of the highlights of what he said to Hannity:
"It has me with a gold tooth," he said to Hannity. "And I think you can see from my smile, I don't have a gold tooth."
Yes gold teeth (grillz) is often seen as an unflattering African American stereotype. But here's the problem: there is no gold tooth in the ad. None whatsoever. In fact, the stereotype of a young black "thug" doesn't come to mind until West brings it up!

There's a quick gleam that comes off his toothy grin at one point, but it's not a gold tooth. It just means he has clean white teeth. THEY'RE ATTACKING MY DENTAL HYGIENE, SEAN! THE HORROR!
"And then of course having me as an African-American male, punching a white senior woman and then another white woman, that is definitely not in concert with the values that I stand for."
The ad is pretty clear on the message: West's record against women's health care funding is very bad. The whole thing is a metaphor. A badly conceived one? Maybe. But it's West that brings up images of a "scary black guy punching a white woman."
"This is what happens, Sean, when you're in the age of [President Barack] Obama and the age [of ] the liberal progressives."
This is what happens when we live under the evil regime of the Obama administration and the dark ages of liberal progressives. Yes, I want to end Medicare and yes I support a budget plan that would help the rich and screw the poor and destroy the middle-class, but when you have a black liberal in the White House, well now we have these wacky cartoony commercials running amok! That's the real evil!
"You cannot talk about the issues, they cannot run on any type of record, you cannot talk about the economy, the debt, and deficit."
Except that, they can and they have and that's pretty much the whole point of the ad. But, hey, RAYCISM!
"Of course, everyone on the left went absolutely idiotic and tried to condemn me about bringing up the specter of slavery [when he called the growth in the nation's food stamp program "a new form of enslavement."] You know, it's . . . hypocrisy."
It's hypocrisy, Sean! Only I'm allowed to make racially insensitive remarks! Because I'm black, you see. Yes the President is black too, but he doesn't count.
"[Democrats] are afraid of us because there are more of us that are able to stand up on our own and talk about the failures of liberal progressive policies, especially toward the black community."
They're scared, Sean. Because the GOP has done so much for the black community over the years. This cannot be denied!
"They look at us as collectives, not as individuals. And you have to understand that this is going to continue to happen. And the president emanating from Chicago, it's all about Chicago-style politics, it's about fear and intimidation, it's about lies and deceit."
They look at us as a collective -- like the Borg from Star Trek! The President is from Chicago so this is why they're being so mean with facts. Only we can play dirty and make stuff up and drub up fear of a black leader in old white ladies. When they do it, IT'S HYPOCRISY, SEAN! It's outrageous! Outrageous! I! Say!

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I am not a West supporter but I do agree with him when he says food stamps and welfare are a form of slavery. There are people that are 3rd and 4th generation welfare recipients. They spend their whole lives living on handouts from the government, never doing anything for themselves. They live in government housing, receiving just enough barely get by.  Some cheat the system and get a little extra but they are dependent on the government to do everything for them. Many will end up in prison for breaking archaic drugs laws. If this isn't a modern day form of slavery, what would you call it? 


So now the tea baggers are even lying to each  The criminal West must be trying to pad his resume so he can get a good show on FAUX.

James Hamilton
James Hamilton

I'm afraid of one. Almost met him. Thought I might shake his hand and have a Dead Zone moment.

Sheila Pechman
Sheila Pechman

he is one of the angriest. I truly cannot stand this man.


This so-called congressman is a vile little cockroach who needs to be exterminated


 @blah You mean the way Alien West has been living off military handouts his entire adult life? But that kind of socialism -- pre-cradle to post-grave -- is OK because the military kills people for us, right? So what's the difference between that and Murder Inc.?

KennyPowersII topcommenter

 @blah I don't know how the label "slavery" fits into that equation.

riverrat69 topcommenter



No, he's a lightening rod for how unhinged the teabag troglodytes really are. If the carpetbagger gets elected in district 18, it will prove we live in FloriDUH.

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