Jersey Shore's Situation Files Lawsuit in Florida Against Headrush Apparel for $100,000 Motorcycle

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Michael Sorrentino, the pervy loudmouth of MTV's Jersey Shore, has filed a lawsuit against Headrush Brand Apparel, a purveyor of hideous clothing.

Sorrentino, who dubbed himself "The Situation" because of his abs or something, claims in the lawsuit that he's an "internationally known TV star" and that Headrush owes him a custom motorcycle worth more than $100,000.

Copy of lawsuit after the jump.
Sorrentino claims in the suit that he struck an endorsement deal with the clothing company, which was later modified through an oral agreement to include a really expensive motorcycle.

The company apparently held a public event at which it presented the motorcycle to Sorrentino, but then the company never delivered the bike to Sorrentino's home afterward, as promised, according to the filing.

The lawsuit also explains that Sorrentino agreed to wear Headrush clothing on season six of Jersey Shore in exchange for more than $250,000.

Sorrentino also agreed to make three promotional appearances on behalf of the clothing company in exchange for $130,000.

It's odd that the seemingly business-savvy Sorrentino, a man who was able to land a deal promoting protein-infused vodka and has made millions for essentially being a d-bag on television, wouldn't get the tweaks to the agreement made in ink and is basing the suit on oral agreements.

Here's a copy of the suit:
Situation Lawsuit

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actually a verbal agreement is a contract.  but you need to prove it.


much harder if its not in writing.


-like winning a       toy-yoda  instead of a toyota.


If its not in writing, it doesnt exist.  Nuff said.  He should have stuck with his written contract, which he should still be able to get enforced.  Why doesnt this dbag just take the cash he gets and goes out to buy this bike?  Or better yet, give him the bike with no helmet, question his sexuality to tick him off, then watch as he wrecks it.


@headrushbrand check the comments about the situation -- much worse....

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