Tyler Hadley, Accused of Killing Parents With Hammer: "They Deserved It"

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Prosecutors say Port St. Lucie 17-year-old Tyler Hadley killed his parents last July. They say he sneaked up on his mother while she was on the computer, then beat her head in with a hammer. When his dad came in to see what was going on, police say they locked eyes before Hadley killed him too. Then he threw a house party. Oh, and he's allegedly running around jail signing autographs that say, "It's hammer time."

Now, an Associated Press story says Hadley is writing letters to friends in which he says he "believes he has 'such a strong defense' that he will reach a plea deal with prosecutors to avoid a life sentence."

In one letter, to a friend: "I'll get out."

"I know [my brother] misses our parents and I really miss them too," Hadley wrote to his grandparents. "I feel remorse and guilt every day for what happened. I just hope the Hadleys and the rest of our family know the reason why everything happened. I don't want people to think of me as a psycho."

Nobody has any clue what that "reason" is, though Hadley complains of depression in his letters, and family members have told police he suffered from bulimia and difficult questions about his sexuality and gender.

The most troubling quote of all, however, contradicts the "I have such an awesome excuse for killing my parents" story:
Another inmate, however, said Hadley laughed frequently when discussing the case. The inmate, George Brown, told police Hadley had a simple answer when he asked why the parents were killed: "They deserved it."

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Hope he gets the death penalty and forgiveness from God.


Hope he gets the death penalty.


Turn about is fair play.  Plus it saves the expense of a lengthy prison term.  To avoid trauma on correctional officers, offer executing the sentence up for bid to his fellow inmates.  The low bid amount of time off their sentence gets to do him.


I would never believe anything that comes from the mouth of a jail house informant, common sense tells you they have more reason and incentive to tell the cops exactly what they want to hear instead of just sticking to the truth .

Big Fella
Big Fella

Take little Tyler out back and put a sledgehammer to good use.

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