Skeleton of Claudia Murphy Found in Coconut Creek

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Officials have confirmed that a decomposed body discovered by hikers in Coconut Creek's Tradewinds Park yesterday is 45-year-old Claudia Murphy, who was last seen wandering away from a Margate restaurant in March, according to NBC Miami.

Murphy's family spent weeks passing out fliers and searching for her; her husband, Frank Murphy, told New Times she had been suffering from "flu-type symptoms" that would occasionally leave her "totally out of it" but rejected rumors that she was suffering from amnesia and was lost.

While police initially thought her car had been taken, security footage surfaced several days after her disappearance showing her parking her BMW convertible behind the restaurant where it was found. Investigators are still investigating Murphy's cause of death, but we might never know what made her wander off in the first place.

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Is there any more information about whether there was foul play orwhether the bag she was carrying on the bus video was found? Does it make sense that she could have been going to meet someone, and that encounter went terribly wrong.


 if it was an encounter that went wrong, why leave your car with all your info and walk approx,5 to 10 miles to a park?she was last seen on Copans rd. There is bike path that leads into Tradewinds park from Copans rd. I believe that's how she got in the park so discreetly. i believe she thought she lived in the woods.  hopefully there are more answers soon... such a tragedy...

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