Middle School Principal Scott Blake Arrested on Child Sex Charges

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via Blake's Twitter account
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The principal of Polo Park Middle School in Wellington has been arrested on charges he used the internet to lure a 15-year-old boy to have sex with him at a hotel; the boy was actually an undercover cop, and now 47-year-old Scott Blake is in a whole heap of trouble.

According to Boynton Beach police, Blake started having a conversation with the "boy" online on July 18, during which he allegedly wrote that "I met a 17 yr old last week... He was staying with his parents at a hotel but had his own room. It was hot."

The conversation then allegedly moved to text messages, including one that said it would be "HOT" if the two could meet at a hotel Blake was staying at. (Also kind of interesting: The Polo Park Middle School's "From the Principal's Desk" section includes links to information about sexting.)

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"I need a boy to cuddle with and take a nap this afternoon," Blake allegedly wrote. When the cop responded that he sounded "gentle," Blake allegedly responded, "I am. But can be aggressive around a naked boy. Lol... I am a daddy -- I don't scare I love my boys. Lol."

When the officer asked Blake what he'd "done" with guys, the response was "Massage suck rim kiss cuddle fuck play with feet." They allegedly talked quite a bit about feet. From the probable-cause affidavit:
Scott and I did not talk on 7-21-12 but we did start again on 7-22-12. I sent Scott a foot picture on the social network. Scott stated that he was staring at the picture of my foot. Scott stated that he wanted to adopt me.
The eventually arranged to meet up. Blake allegedly had a plan to make sure the boy wasn't actually a cop -- a plan that rather obviously failed. They were set to meet at 7:30 last night, but "Scott suggested that he drive by me on the street to know that I was really a kid." They were supposed to meet in Boynton Beach, but when he showed up, another officer pulled him over for a "traffic stop," and he was taken into custody.

While Blake's middle-school students are younger than his alleged "victim," Blake was assistant principal at Jupiter High School from 2004 to 2009 and before that taught high school business classes from 1989 to 1999, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He's charged with using a computer to solicit a child and traveling to engage in sex with a child -- both felonies. He tweeted last spring that he'd just finished his 20th year as an educator.

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I'm glad they don't watch "To Catch A Preditor". Otherwise they wouldn't get caught. There's nothing wrong with an older guy who likes younger guys, just as many older guys like younger women. But, let's keep it amongst adults. Not only is this pediphelia but it's pseudo-incestuous as well.


don't these perverts watch 'to catch a predator"?????  how absolutely lame!  I looked up the word 'idiot' in the dictionary and it showed  this poor excuse for a principals picture...God help us all

icculus17 topcommenter

how do these people become principals? 


Yup you did finish your 20th year as an educator!  And started your first year branded as a felon! God help our kids with the idiots and perverts that are teaching them!


@icculus17 As long as they don't have a criminal background when they are first hired, there's no problem with them getting the jobs and moving up. Fortunately, kids today are more apt to speak up. Years ago the authority figure was always believed over the child. The child would be threatened. The preditor would threaten the child that they'd harm the Childs family if they told. But, today, because of TV shows like we've mentioned and the Internet traps as well as parents letting their kids know that they should tell if they're approached, I think that we see a number of phenomena. I think it seems that this is more prevalent then it used to be, but I think that it's just reported more. I think that we probably stop more predators today then we ever did before, so; therefore, we hear more about it. This is a good thing! Now, if we could only stop it. But, hiding only creates more victims.



that is why they become principals,teachers,coaches etc.... 

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