Guma Aguiar's Assets Now Controlled by Ken Jenne's Old Pal Thomas F. Panza

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Guma Aguiar
He sent money to a lecherous Rabbi, his wife asked for a divorce, opponents wanted his mental-health records, and then he sailed off into the dark.

Ever since Guma Aguiar disappeared at sea, his mother and her fiancé have been trying to gain control of his many millions in assets, scattered across the U.S. and Israel in the form of cash and investments.

The mother, Ellen Aguiar, petitioned a Broward County Court to make her a conservator of his fortunes. In a hearing yesterday, the judge asked her to step aside for the moment, appointing a local lawyer as conservator: Thomas F. Panza.

That name might sound vaguely familiar to Pulp readers: five years ago, Panza was working for corrupt Sheriff Ken Jenne to defend him from critics and conduct a $1.2 million whitewash audit of the BSO on the taxpayers' dime.

There are other big-name players in town who have been drawn into this case by the wide reach of Aguiar's money. Ilene Lieberman, a Broward County commissioner who last year saw prosecutorial immunity for assisting in corruption cases against her peers, has been listed as an attorney for Ellen Aguiar, although Lieberman has not responded to a request for details.

Ellen, meanwhile, is represented by powerful Miami attorney Richard Baron as she tries to keep his U.S. assets as well as an estimated $40 million in Israel out of the hands of his wife, Jamie Aguiar. The probate case is proceeding with Guma listed as a "decedent," on the assumption that he's no longer alive.

Of Panza taking over the conservatorship, Judge Mark A. Speiser told Ellen: "What you've been doing has been shifted over to Mr. Panza. If he feels you still should be involved in some capacity, I have no problem with him doing that."

Panza, a prolific local bipartisan campaign donor over the years and a well-connected lawyer, made headlines in 2007 when the state attorney and FDLE were looking into corrupt business deals and after-hours consulting work by Jenne, who'd later be sent to prison for a year and a day on corruption charges.

Jenne paid more than $1.2 million to Panza from department funds to conduct his own audit, and Panza later told the Sun-Sentinel he hadn't found "one scintilla of evidence" of bad practices by Jenne. Bob Norman wrote and blogged about this "Panza connection."

Now, Jamie Aguiar and her attorney are pissed about this turn of events and said they "would be objecting seriously" to Ellen and her fiancé's meddling in Aguiar's Israeli business affairs.

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 You do know he was institutionalized several times right!!!  As for his legal troubles stressing him to the MAX; he brought that on himself.  Among other things...he hacked into his uncles computer and stole information.  With him doing that sort of thing; what right did he have to complain about the legal problems he was having???

An Educated Guest
An Educated Guest

Do you know he refused to take his meds? What meds? Ambien?? Anxiety drugs? From what I read, it was legal issues like the horrible force of lawyers and courts who stressed him to the MAX - that's what every article and friend states. The COURTS; ie, judges and lawyers, brought on by greedy relatives who thought THEY deserved MORE. (caps for peak state emphasis). People who know him say he was generous. Generous doesn't fly with people who think they should control his money. Maybe that's what made him crazy! He didn't come across as being greedy in any sense of the word. So how did "GREED" so enter into his demise? Let's not blame it right away on the meds, let's give the bad rap to the process that deserves it. Greedy people, who have now engaged the greediest, caring-less and, in most instances, corrupt delivery system there is...the legal system. Panza needs to wipe that giddy smile off his face. Speiser isn't it about time you "head" back to what you do best?  Old boy network in action, am I right?


 Poor Guma?!?!  You're joking right!!!   This is a man who refused to take his meds and then abandoned his family which happens to include four of the most important people; that being HIS CHILDREN.  THERE IS NO POOR GUMA.

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