GOP Congressional Candidate Seeks Endorsement From Gay Group, While Slamming Gay Community

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Ozzie DeFarina, the GOP congressional candidate looking to challenge Democratic incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz in November, has been courting support from Log Cabin Republicans, a leading supporter for marriage equality.

But then DeFarina did that thing that GOPers do and slammed his primary opponent in an email for being down with the gays.
Karen Harrington claims to be a supporter of traditional marriage, but Karen was announced as the Vice President of a Gay Activist Group that supports gay marriage. Debbie Wasserman Schultz supports same-sex marriage.
DeFarina then came out on Thursday and reiterated his desire for Log Cabin's support but then... *record scratch* ... spewed out the "family values" meme that runs thick through conservatives' blood: "Although I do not agree with the Log Cabins on every issue, I absolutely want their support. However I need to stay true to my values and I don't support gay marriage."

For her part, DeFarina's opponent, Harrington, is also against gay marriage.

So, in essence, both candidates are claiming "I love gay people awwwright! Also, fuck gay people!"

Whoever wins this battle of assholes will be up against Wasserman Schultz in November.

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riverrat69 topcommenter

So we have one hypocrite courting the Log Cabin Repubs while condemning them and their belief in marriage equality. And we have the real moronic  hypocrites, the Log Cabin Repubs supporting the frightwing nutjobs that comdemn them. Only in FloriDUH.


This guy getting political advice from Florida's Lt. Governor?

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