Former Broward Teachers Union President Patrick Santeramo Arrested, Faces 200 Years in Prison (UPDATED)

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UPDATE, 11:45: Documents show Santeramo allegedly steered BTU funds to the political campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Alex Sink.

Original post, 10:59:
Prosecutors announced last November that they were investigating Patrick Santeramo, who was then president of the Broward Teachers Union. Now, the shoe hath dropped: Squarely onto Santeramo's ass.

He turned himself in this morning after the Broward State Attorney's Office filed charges that include racketeering, conspiracy to commit racketeering, five counts of campaign contribution violations, four counts of money laundering, six counts of grand theft, and three counts of organized scheme to defraud.

Prosectors say Santeramo used his "unilateral control of the union's business" to "systematically divert approximately $165,500 to himself through an invoice-kickback scheme with a construction company." In one case, investigators reportedly discovered that when the BTU paid a company $90,000 to repair their building's elevators, the company turned around and gave $20,000 of it to Santeramo.

In addition, Santeramo is accused of organizing a group of 25 people (that included BTU members) to make campaign contributions to candidates, then reimbursing them with union funds.

Waiting on more documents for details on these charges. Here's a round-up of what he's accused of; first-degree felonies can get you 30 years in prison, second-degree is 10 years, third-degree is 5 years.

First-degree felonies:
Conspiracy to commit racketeering
Grand theft
Organized scheme to defraud

Second-degree felonies:
Organized scheme to defraud

Third-degree felonies:
Grand theft x 5
Illegal campaign contributions x 4
Money laundering x 4
Organized scheme to defraud

First-degree misdemeanor:
Illegal campaign contributions

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R. D. M.
R. D. M.

what about the BTU staff members that were reimbursed to their political donations? How could they take that money from the BTU? IT is clearly a violation, find these people and aks them why they thought they should be reimbursed? Thank GOD, I am not in this union anymore, I am embarrassed to say I work for Broward COunty.  

Mitch Seizure
Mitch Seizure

Delicious:  RAT thief steals from union teacher chumps and gives the chumps' money to female elitist RAT pols.  It's a good day all around.....

in the know
in the know

and his number one assistant now heads the Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association. UNREAL!

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