Fake Stripper Serves Octomom Lawsuit at Hallandale Strip Club

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This past weekend, Nadya "Octomom" Suleman donned a schoolgirl outfit and paraded around stage at the Playhouse South, a Hallandale Beach strip joint.

But according to Gossip Extra, a weird legal drama unfolded between Suleman's two performances that night.

A process server posing as a stripper was able to get backstage and serve Suleman with a lawsuit from rival strip joint T's Lounge Palm Beach.

According to Gossip Extra, Octomom had locked herself in a dressing room and refused to come out.

If there's one thing we've learned from sitcoms and movies, it's that process servers are masters of disguise. This one apparently looked enough like a stripper to just waltz through the club, and she was ultimately able to hand over the lawsuit.

The suit alleges that Octomom was in breach of contract.

She originally signed on with T's strip club for a five-day stretch of performances. She backed out, however, after an employee at the club called her "a little crazy" during an interview with WPEC-TV.

The mother of 14 is slated to appear in a West Palm Beach courtroom next month.

According to experienced strippers working at the Playhouse, Octomom was rather terrible at taking her clothes off for money because she was too "stiff" and couldn't dance.

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Fake stripper served her! That is so cool! OctoWorm couldn't wiggle her way out of this one.


 Belle, I like to refer to her as a "middle-aged never-was".  Perfectly describes a "37-year-old woman with a worn out body"


People think she's whacko because she is whacko. What other 37 year old woman with a worn out, used up, scarred, stretch marked and just plain ugly body would look in the mirror and think - damn I've got such a hot body I should be like, maybe, make a diddle flick and then take my clothes off for money. She's a failure at making porn, stripping, as a mother and as a human being. Total waste of skin and oxygen.

triple rainbow love
triple rainbow love

Funny that she still wanted to work at the Playhouse. A makeup artist for the Playhouse tweeted several days before the show "My boss said she's one "weird bitch" lmao" So looks like anywhere Freakya Suleman goes, people think she's whacko.


Did she lock herself in her room before she got served or after she got served?  LOL

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