Do Red-Light Cameras Save Broward Money?

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A single-red light camera in Davie could save the city $177,000 the first year and more than $800,000 over five years. In Coral Springs, the numbers are more dramatic: $220,000 in savings after a year and nearly a million bucks after five years.

But take those figures with a grain of salt, as they're being peddled by American Traffic Soultions, the manufacturer of the all-seeing, ticket-spewing Cyclops that we have grown to hate.

The company recently unveiled a website that estimates potential savings cities can glean from red-light cameras. It's based on a study commissioned by American Traffic Solutions and carried out by John Dunham and Associates, a New York-based economics research firm.

The firm casts a wide net to max out those estimates. For instance, the study cites loss of personal productivity and travel delays as some of the associated costs that come along with accidents, which it suggests red-light cameras may help prevent.

But do red-light cameras help prevent accidents? That's up for debate. As we previously reported, a group of University of South Florida researchers say no, they don't. In fact, the professors argued that red-light cameras might lead to a slight uptick in traffic accidents.

Not accounted for, though, are the hours of courtroom challenges, both to tickets doled out by the cameras and to the wider constitutional issues they pose.

The study also doesn't seem to take into account the many town hall debates that have been hosted around the country to assess red-light camera programs.

Red-light cameras are easy to complain about. But if these cost-saving estimates are accurate, would that make them more acceptable?

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KennyPowersII topcommenter

Why should they be expected to save money?


Boy is ATS getting desperate.


It is bad enough they are "involved" in doing reports with cities on "safety" of the RLC SCAM!


( Quote:  "Red light camera vendor American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is furious that police in Kansas City, Missouri released a report last week evaluating photo enforcement intersections without giving the company a chance to modify the data. In many cities, ATS plays a key role in authoring such studies"


Later the police in Kansas City were ORDERED to "Collaborate" with ATS in redoing the report!   The "redo" by the Kansas City (with the vendors "help") "found" "less" wrecks. A review of the "redo" by a retired police officer found the "new math" that was played! )


But now they claim to "save" money???




Quote:  "Given the fiscal health of the city at this point in time I really think it would be irresponsible for us to recommend a program that's going to add financial responsibilities to the city's huge fiscal crisis," Commission President John W. Mack said. "I don't see any way around the financial issues..."




Ban the CAMS!

camerafraud on Facebook


 A photo enforcement system has never stopped unsafe driving as it occurs. It has been proven that these systems are DANGEROUS and increase accidents in areas where they are deployed. How can blinding and distracting drivers with a searing flash improve anyones "safety"? Instead of increasing the yellow light timing cycles at intersections, they can mount a scamera and profit from you instead. Your personal information is being recorded 24/7 and stored by private companies wether an infraction has occured or not. Protect your privacy and hard earned dollars with the PlateHood. Drive safely!!

SethPlatt topcommenter

Chris, I don't think you are not giving red light cameras a fair shake here.  These are not installed as revenue generators but rather safety devices that help to supplement traffic enforcement.  Most studies show that over time red light cameras reduce traffic infractions and accidents.  If there is a slight uptick in accidents after they are first installed those are attributable to rear end collisions and not the more dangerous and fatal t-bone type accidents that result often from people running red lights.

Tickets issued by these cameras do not give one points on their license or an interaction with law enforcement which often could result in more violations cited.  I see people run red lights daily and even have assholes honking behind me at red lights to run them.  As our community is quite congested these devices only make sense to supplement law enforcement to curb violators so police may concentrate on real crime.

I don't have much sympathy for those who get caught by these cameras, they deserve to be cited.


Study after study has shown that the red light camera actually cause more rear-end accidents. Studies were done for the State of Georgia Legislature, the City of Los Angles, the State of Virginia and the list goes on and on. In addition, there are several studies that show the red light cameras are only revenue generators for about the first 18-months, and after that, they actually cost the cities money. But, the politicians do not want to read any of the documented studies. All they see is dollar signs that are being touted by American Traffic Solutions. And all ATS cares about is profits.

If you google "red light cameras" you can read several of the documents. And, this is one site that will lead to others -



 The City of Arnold, MO installed cameras at four intersections.  Only one of them (a school zone in which the light only operates during certain hours), saw a slight decrease of accidents,(a decrease of one) after the cameras were installed.  The other intersections saw huge increases in accidents including one, which saw a 370% increase in accidents after the cameras are installed.  The number of violations, which kept increasing, dropped 80-90% overnight, when the Missouri Department of Transportation lengthened the yellow lights at the intersections.



Sorry Seth. But you are incorrect on this one. I have studied this issued extensively. What study after study has shown is that if safety is the issue, then if the intersection is properly engineered, red light running and accidents will fall at that intersection. The most effective method engineering the intersection is to increase the yellow light one second longer. Even the State of Georgia mandated that if a municipality wants to install a red light camera, then they must engineer the intersection first. And only after studying the effects of the engineered intersection, can a camera be put in place. As a result, most municipalities in Georgia removed the camera. And the state found that if there is a camera at an intersection that has been engineered, then red light violations have decreased by about 81%.


This is nothing but revenue enhancement for the municipalities that install them. If it was a safety issue, they would do the engineering first.


There have been many studies done on accidents after the camera are installed. And in each one that I have read, they say the same thing. Rear end accidents go up.

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