Cedrick Shivers of Fort Lauderdale Gets 12 Years for Being Worst Bank Robber Ever

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Here's a tip for future bank robbers: If you get picked up by the police, don't tell them "You've got me red-handed" even if your hands and get-away car are soaked with red dye.

Cedrick Shivers of Fort Lauderdale, according to the Justice Department, walked into a Wilton Manors bank earlier this year, handed over a note demanding wads of $50 and $100 bills, and threatened to bomb the building if the teller didn't comply.

He also demanded that the teller not give him any dye packs or press any silent alarms. But the teller didn't listen and apparently stuffed a few red dye bombs in with the loot.

Police saw Shivers speeding away and noticed that car was filling up with red smoke.

When the officer pulled Shivers over, he noticed stacks of money covered in red dye, red stains on the driver's seat, and red stains on Shivers' crisp white shirt.

Then, according to the DOJ, the officer found the note demanding money that Shivers had slipped to the bank teller. Why he took the note back is a mystery and a brazen display of stupidity.

When he was arrested, Shivers, who has a history of robbing banks, told the police they got him "red-handed."

On Friday, Shivers was sentenced to 151 months in prison, or 12 and a half years.

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The teller just does not follow directions very well.


I would file a complaint.


Smart bank teller to put the dye in the bag anyway.  The teller must have realized how dumb he was. 



He wasn't dumb. Just desperate. I knew the guy personally, and despite what he did, was a good person at heart. Doesn't excuse his actions, but I am saddened that desperation got the better of hm once gain, because he really had been tryingto straighten his life out, but unfortunitly, during a ver hard and unforgiving economical time.

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