Angela Byrd Accused of Ripping Off Fort Lauderdale 99-Year-Old

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A 99-year-old Fort Lauderdale woman thought she was paying Angela Byrd about $15 an hour for in-home health care. At 60 hours a week, that's around $46,800 a year -- which means it's kind of questionable that she allegedly received $275,000 in 2008, $167,000 in 2009, and $34,500 in the first two months of 2010.

Police say Byrd overpaid herself by more than $340,000 "by having extra money added to her paycheck and by having additional checks written to her." Byrd also allegedly got more than $46,000 for Tanecia Josephs, her son's then-girlfriend, over a three-month period -- as much as she should have made for an entire year of work.

Relatives, after more than two years, discovered the missing money and went to police -- Byrd, 45, and Josephs, 25, have both been arrested on charges of grand theft on a person 65 or older and exploitation of the elderly.

A graph of Byrd's alleged theft, from court filings
Angela Byrd Pc

Tanecia Josephs Pc

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KUDOS to Detective Amy Hoover and whoever helped her in her dedication and diligence in getting this woman justice. It's sad to think about what a common crime it is to steal from elderly people because they are so vulnerable. I hope she finds more victims that come forward. it is a  shame the elderly are usually too embarrassed to come forward when this happens to them.

BC Confidential
BC Confidential

If you have concerns regarding a loved one being exploited by caregivers or advisors, you can contact the Victoria Grayson Group (850-736-6950) They will conduct a private, anonymous investigation using highly trained elder care, legal and law enforcement experts to uncover misdeeds or crimes, and assure you that your family member or friend is in safe hands. Services are available in Ft. Lauderdale (South Florida), and are very reasonably priced. Contact:

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