The Week in Crazy: Get Your Coulter, Limbaugh, Trump Fix Here

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Midas touch, really?
South Florida is crawling with famous crazy people. Who has time to keep up with all their yammering? Behold, the weekly roundup:

-- Wellington resident Vanilla Ice plays himself in the new Adam Sandler movie That's My Boy, which opens today. As Twitter commenter @ryan_derosa noted, "Every show I watch @vanillaice is on it now."

-- Palm Beach blowhard Rush Limbaugh called the president "Barack Hussein Kardashian."
Rednecks everywhere are now furiously Googling Kourtney and Kim.

-- Fellow Palm Beacher Ann Coulter called Mitt Romney  "The Midas Touch Man," raising questions about what exactly he's touching.

And finally, Donald Trump got trumped on Twitter:
Trump screen shot

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Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Congrats to Van Winkle, but as for the rest..

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