Scott Rothstein Starts New, Three-Week Deposition, Cries First Day

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Rothstein wasn't as sad sitting on gold toilets.
Convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein began a new round of questioning yesterday about the details of his $1.4 billion ripoff. His last deposition lasted two weeks and featured him laying accusations against colleagues, hookers, banks, the police, and tons of other people Rothstein says helped him run away with millions.

The new one is scheduled to last three weeks -- and he's already cried.

Rothstein broke down while talking about the death of his father Monday, according to the South Florida Business Journal. Harvey Rothstein's funeral was March 1, and Rothstein, serving a 50-year sentence, missed it.

The elder Rothstein was 76 years old -- before he died, he and Rothstein's mother wrote a letter asking for leniency when Rothstein was sentenced, saying, "When his Dad was hospitalized he spent time at his bedside, shaved him, combed his hair; took time from his busy schedule again, when his Dad had breast cancer, to go to doctors with him and, again, spend time at his bedside."

Now Rothstein's sad he missed the funeral because of all this incarceration junk -- though, to be fair, he'd have missed it if he were still hiding in Morocco too.

The Business Journal cited Jim Silver, a lawyer with Conrad & Scherer, the firm that originally published the Rothstein transcripts from December and is representing members of the Razorback Group, which invested in the Ponzi.

"He said he was sorry he couldn't be there for his family," Silver said.

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I went to law school with Jim Silver 30 years ago. He was among the most respected students in our class. Smart. ethical. Prepared. Balanced judgment & temperament. Never practiced with him or opposed him. Never saw him in court. I have zero connections to Conrad Scherer. In fact, I don't think I've ever met them.likewise, no connections to RRA so no axe to grind. Knowing Jim from law school, however, I am not the least surprised to see him assigned to conduct the deposition.


Jim Silver?  Couldn't Bill spare an actual lawyer for the proceedings?


If there is any justice at all, Rothstein will get to attend a nice prison funeral.  His own.

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