PBSO Just Shot Its Third Person in Six Days

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It's getting pretty intense up there in Palm Beach County -- for the third time since the weekend, sheriff's deputies have shot a suspect.

A fight between "a group of females" evolved into a fight between several men at the First and 10 Sports Bar shortly after 5 this morning, and a man was shot and killed by police after reportedly pulling out a weapon during the scuffle in Boynton Beach.

"A male subject turned, began to physically fight with one of the deputies and a struggle ensued," according to a release just sent out. "During the struggle the male subject pulled a weapon from his person. A back up deputy witnessed the male subject pull the weapon and fearing for his partner's life, discharged his firearm striking the male subject. The male subject died on scene."

It's the third police-involved shooting for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office this week and the second death: On Monday evening, 39-year-old Armando Gonzalez Felipe was killed after reportedly running away from the scene of a separate shooting and leading police on a chase through a trailer park that culminated in his shooting a lieutenant and his German shepherd K-9 deputy.

"The Lt and K-9 Deputy returned fire striking the suspect killing him on scene," according to a statement from police. The officer, shot in the thigh, was released from the hospital the following day; the dog was shot three times but is expected to survive.

The third (and only surviving) suspect is 22-year-old Michael Wallach, who was shot on Saturday during a foot chase that police characterized as a "running gun battle." Police say it was Wallach's second police chase in two days.

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Funny how all day yesterday, no report of pills. The morning it happened there's a video of the cops giving a statement about the shooting but never mentions the pills. Suddenly today pills all over! I knew the guy that died and it seems very out of character to be a cop killer. I wasn't there and I can't say what went down or indeed if he had pills, but I can say even if he did have them he was not a cop killer...


The guy who got shot in boynton also had 300  dangerous pills on him and the witnesses may have been his customers


Good shootin' by the cops.  No bystanders were harmed and in two cases, not expensive trials, costly incarcerations, no parole and NO re-offending. Congrats to the boys and girls in blue.

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