BREAKING: Nicole Okrzesik Indicted in Juliana Mensch Murder, Could Face Death Penalty With James Ayers

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Ayers (left) and Okrzesik, in a picture posted to Facebook the night of the murder.
A grand jury indicted 23-year-old Nicole Okrzesik in the March strangulation of Juliana Mensch, prosecutors say. She is scheduled to go to trial June 25, alongside codefendant James Ayers.

Both are charged with first-degree murder -- a capital crime.

"They both could face the death penalty, although we reserve judgment for now as to whether or not to pursue it in this case, pending further analysis of the potential aggravating factors versus mitigating factors," wrote Broward State Attorney spokesman Ron Ishoy.

The Pulp has been covering this case since Ayers' initial arrest at the end of March; I've compiled a list of articles about the murder and subsequent investigation if you're interested, though you're probably looking for the ones about the alleged text messages between the two about what to do with the body, or the Facebook messages, or the homicidal Google searches Okrzesik reportedly made while Mensch slept on her floor in a rented room in Fort Lauderdale.

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No one said it was her daughters fault or are bringing her into this!!! They are just saying its sad she left her kid for what drugs she was suppose to be out there to go to rehab never did went there to party and get messed up!!! And now for her being a low life loser her daughter will never know her mother and her whole family will have to live with what Nicole did for the rest of their lifes... It's gross to think about!!! Both familys have a loss here but for someone to kill someone over money and drugs or sex is disgusting... And uncalled for...


listen i hear all this talk about her little girl a child is not responsible for there parent actions and you all make me sick . Dragging a innocent child into it her life will be hard enough so back off the child .


Insane!!!! What is wrong with people? Just stupid! Then he hides like a coward in the bushes! I am glad the child wasn't there to see his mother being set on fire!!! Terrible! Just terrible!


Too bad she already has a daughter she left behind in chicago.


One less ho bitch breeding and causing trouble on the streets.

It's not to bad because she is being well taken care of and she is where she needs to be!!! But it is very sad that someone could just leave there kid

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