Kenneth Goldstein, 86, Kills Wife, Himself in Tamarac

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Police are still investigating the details, but they said yesterday evening that an "ailing" 82-year-old woman found shot to death in her Tamarac home was killed by her 86-year-old husband, who then killed himself.

Someone police described as "the couple's caretaker" heard gunshots shortly before 6 a.m. yesterday and ran outside the home on the 7800 block of Exeter Avenue; the Broward Sheriff's Office responded but called a SWAT team to go inside. Inside, they found Inez and Kenneth Goldstein together in their bedroom, dead of gunshot wounds.

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Rest in peace dear friends. --The Mathematics Dept at MDC

A Friend
A Friend

The article should correctly read: Kenneth Goldstein a decorated WWII army veteran loved his wife more than himself. As she lay unable to move or think,  anymore, he did what only the most caring and compassionate man could do. He ended her misery, as he had promised her early in her illness. He then joined her in peace. "Until death" was Ken's vow and he was a very honorable and courageous man. Ken and Inez were inseparable in life. May they rest in peace. XOXO

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