Good-bye, Eric Barton. We'll miss ya.

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Eric Barton: We'll miss him.

Starting today, New Times Broward Palm Beach has a new editor. 

Except he is the same as the old one. Kind of.

Chuck Strouse, who edited this newspaper from 2000 to 2005, will return in the dual role as top gun at Miami New Times and New Times/Broward Palm Beach

Eric Barton, who started at New Times BPB as a staff writer, became managing editor of The Pitch in Kansas City and then returned home, will depart. 

Village Voice Media executive managing editor Christine Brennan attributed the change to "the lingering effects of the recession" and added that "the Broward and Miami papers will remain independent."

"I will miss the enthusiasm and creativity that Eric brought to his job and I am grateful for
the years he spent with us. I wish him the best."

With Strouse, a former Hollywood resident and South Florida Sun Sentinel bureau chief at the helm, she said: " I am confident that our content will be in good hands, and that we will be well positioned to continue growing our business in both markets."

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First signs of the paper closing....

Wishful Thinking
Wishful Thinking

Does this mean Francis, Norman and Mooney will finally be coming back??

Eric Barton
Eric Barton

Thanks for the kind words, Obermann. But the paper has a fantastic staff right now, and under Chuck's leadership, I tend to think it's going to continue. I'll still be a regular reader, and I hope you will too.

Fat Hand
Fat Hand

This sucks, both because he seemed like a good editor and for what it means for the future of the Broward NewTimes. Sorry to see ya go Eric.


Delusion was always Barton's strongest quality.

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