Lauderdale Cops Accused of Racial Profiling, but Their Actions May Be Law of the Land

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Racial profiling is so prevalent in mostly black neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale that Broward County Public Defender Howard Finkelstein was forced to write the police department earlier this year to complain. 

How bad is it? Cops are even citing people for failing to walk on a sidewalk -- even on streets with no sidewalks, according to Channel 7

Cops defend their actions by saying they're targeting high-crime areas, not stopping people based on the color of their skin. 

Finkelstein wasn't buying it. "One can only conclude that the City of Fort Lauderdale condones profiling of its citizens for 'walking while black,'" Finkelstein wrote to the police department. "Law enforcement in the City of Fort Lauderdale has decided to bully and intimidate at all levels."

Such racial profiling will increase nationwide if the Supreme Court rubber stamps Arizona's immigration law. It's enough to think there's a war on the brown-skinned around the corner and spurred Village Voice Media to produce a special report this week. Read all of the 
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Maybe Scalia would like local cops to enforce IRS tax law also. Then they could target suits and pull them in for an audit.  


Most thugs aren't white.  That;s why the prisons are full of Democraps.  That's why the cops arrest lotsa ghetto punks.  They are doing the crimes.  If they quit being perps, the cops will be content to chomp doughnuts until retirement.  It don't have a damn thing to do with skin color, just thuggery. And I bet Howie Finkelfart isn't willing to go into a black bar after 11PM on a Saturday in a nice suit and flash money at the bar.  If he does it once, I will bet he won't do it twice.

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