Fort Lauderdale Cops Charged With Perjury, Official Misconduct, Falsifying Records

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Post, after the arrest in 2009.
Three members of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department turned themselves in yesterday after being cumulatively accused of more than a dozen felonies related to the 2009 arrest of Kenneth Post.

Sgt. Michael Florenco, Det. Matthew Moceri, and Officer Geoffrey Shaffer, who have a combined 24 years of service in Fort Lauderdale, were all involved in a car chase that ended with a crash and Post's being beaten up.

The Broward County Public Corruption Task Force says the officers lied about the circumstances of the crash, and, according to a FLPD release, "that physical evidence contradicted the reports, probable cause affidavits and sworn testimony provided by the three officers."

The Sun-Sentinel has more of the details of the Post case -- he's currently awaiting trial on charges that he burglarized a hotel bar three times in 2009 -- one of the times resulting in the chase.

Florenco and Moceri were each charged with four counts of official misconduct, four counts of falsifying records, one count of perjury, and one county of conspiracy to commit official misconduct. They have both also been on leave with pay since last April "due to an unrelated investigation," according to police. Shaffer received the same charges, minus the perjury. All three are now on administrative leave without pay.

We're working on getting more of the documents and looking into what the heck is going on with the Fort Lauderdale street crimes unit that involves its members getting arrested for stuff.

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This whole case is about covering up and not following protocol by the cops.... just wait ...more cops to be implicated and going down.     


tip of the iceberg for Scaffer


All cops are not bad!  Really?  It seems to me that not a week goes by that the "to serve and protect" motto is called into question.  Whereas you hardly ever heard of a police officer running afoul of the laws that he is sworn to uphold, now it is standard procedure from the Secret Service right on down the pike.

1 - one officer shooting at a fellow officer because she didn't want him in her drawers no more2 - cop doing in excess of 100 mph to get to a 2nd job in a city patrol car and consequently        pulled over by a Trooper (who herself got into trouble for doing the right thing)3- Police in Hollywood performing some "Walt Disney" when an officer (talking on a cellphone) ran into the back of a stopped car where a young lady stopped to go after a cat that she was pet sitting for which jumped out the car window4 - the current 3 clowns from Fort Lauderdale5 - Secret Service chasing whores all over Colombia while drunk and leaving confidential information all over the place

Might I add that this is all being done on the taxpayer's dime including the legal defenses

Twould seem to me that the coppers at best are not exactly the pillars of their respective communities..  The  ones doing the arresting seem to be on the wrong side of the bars!

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