Fidel Castro's Niece Endorses Obama, and Conservatives Are Absolutely Thrilled About It

Noted sexologist and Obama-lover Castro.
It's a Wall Street Journal editor's wet dream, splashed across the opinion page today: "Castro Endorses Obama."

Mariela Castro, niece to the tracksuit guy and daughter of Raul, calls herself a "sexologist," and her work, according to Journal columnist Mary O'Grady, "has something to do with advocating for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights."

Gay-loving Castro endorses Obama. C'mon, guys, could you make it any easier? 

Castro was in America a week and a half ago, when she spoke out in support of Obama during a CNN interview. Ms. Castro, whom O'Grady calls "a vociferous proponent of the status quo," is not exactly a darling of those who want nothing to do with Cuba until it stops oppressing people.

In her home country, Castro was behind a law that now allows Cubans to receive sex-reassignment surgery free of charge. Seems a little odd when they're not allowed to get proper food or a new car, but them's the breaks, apparently.

O'Grady quotes Cuban writer Carlos Alberto Montaner: "Mariela is tolerant of sexual preferences and intolerant of all the rest... For her, freedom and emotional coherence are something very specifically situated south of the navel."

Her visit to America was ostensibly to promote her sexological work, but she also engaged in some casual hostage negotiations, saying that if America wants to get back Alan Gross, a U.S. contractor in Cuban jail since 2009 (accused of bringing phones to Jewish people), it should return five accused Cuban spies in America. 

O'Grady is miffed that America even issued her a visa, and that seems to be a valid point, given the level of restrictions already in place regarding travel between the two countries. Her political rabble-rousing aside, the State Department said it was supporting free speech.

The government "claims it is doing all it can to free the ailing 63-year-old Mr. Gross, and Ms. Castro's desire for entry presented an opportunity to make that point to the regime," writes O'Grady.

"But apparently the importance of pleasing the Obama base in San Francisco... was an even higher priority."

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Nothing near the damage O'blamer has done in the last 3 years.  Moron.

Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

Amigo, if you think Obama has a failed record, you must have been in a coma during the eight years of the Cheney administration. Go look up the facts, moron.


Any endorsement whatsoever, even a legit endorsement, would not make for Obama's failed record.

Prof. G
Prof. G

How would Miss Castro know anything about politics in this country? Politics are not engaged in in her country, except by the people at the very top. Everyone else has no voice.

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