Earl Stewart Toyota Should Ignore Lake Park Commission and Build a 600-Foot Flagpole

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Earlier this week, Lake Park town commissioners struck down Earl Stewart Toyota's proposal to erect a 340-foot flagpole along U.S. 1. What a bunch of babies. Among the reasons cited for denying the proposal were traffic and noise concerns. 

So instead of a hulking display of American awesomeness, the commissioners suggested the auto dealer install an insultingly short 50-footer. But real Americans know that this is just the latest attack on flagpole freedom in a long-running battle that has left the U.S. devoid of record-setting patriotism. 

It's not that we don't have the engineering chops to let Old Glory fly free at such an awe-inducing apex. 

In fact, the five tallest flagpoles in the Guinness Book of World Records have all been built and installed by a U.S. company, Trident Support. The problem is that Trident's flagpoles listed in Guinness bear the polychromatic pennants of countries like Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Jordan -- not the U.S. We're no where close to having a record-setting flagpole.

Criticisms of Stewart's proposed pole, which wouldn't have come close to Tajikistan's 540-foot current record-setter, were swift and stupid.  

The most repeated critique is that Stewart isn't doing this out of patriotism or a true desire to memorialize 9/11 rescue workers, as he has stated. Rather, he's doing it to promote his dealership. Well, duh. 

The American flag is a great brand builder. Just ask Rep. Allen West, who was willing to violate federal law for an underwater photo op with the stars and bars.

Anyway, Stewart has already said the whole fiasco is a self-serving promotion, one that he's willing to spend $800,000 on fulfilling.

Other critics have put forth the argument that such a mighty pole would somehow mar the natural landscape. 

This line of reasoning might hold some weight if Stewart were looking to plop the thing in the middle of Big Cypress National Preserve. But as it stands, U.S. 1 is nothing but lanes of traffic flanked by sprawling strip malls doing whatever they can to lure in customers. A flag big enough to eclipse the sun seems like a natural fit. 

Fortunately, Stewart doesn't seem to care that the commission rejected the plan. He intends to move forward and install his 343-foot-tall pole-- a foot for every 9/11 rescue worker who died. 

It's best for everyone if he just drops the 9/11 schtick and set his flag-flying ambitions on the world record. A true patriot would stick it to Tajikistan and build a 600-foot flagpole. 

America, fuck yeah. 

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Earl Stewart
Earl Stewart

 Thanks for your support, Chris. I agree with most of what you said, but my primary motivation is not self serving. Notice that I said "primary". My mistake in talking to reporters was being honest about the fact that I did recognize there were self-serving elements in my project. The tallest American flag in the world will certainly benefit my company but I could get a lot more notariety by spending $800,000 on TV advertising. A tribute to the 9/11 First Responders is my primary motivation. I've spoken with elected officials in other towns and cities in Palm Beach and Martin County who spoke very positively about being the home of this flag. Although I would l prefer to keep the flag in Lake Park, I will move the location if I have to. Lake Park borders North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Riviera Beach and Palm Beach County. In fact, Martin County is just a few miles north, bordering Jupiter and Tequesta which Jupiter Inlet Colony borders and is where I live. The flag will be so tall (I've decided to make it 343 feet tall rather than 341 because 343 is the exact number of firefighters who died at 9/11) that whether or not it's in one municipality or another, it will be visible to all for many miles. The objections that have been raised against this flag are not surprising. I've been told all my life that I can't do things but I do them anyway and successfully. People laughed when I told them I would become the largest volume car dealer in Palm Beach County because my dealership is in the tiny town of Lake Park, population about 9,000. I was told that I would never dare put red phones all around my company so that any customer could call me personally anytime. They said the same thing about giving my home telephone and cell phone numbers to all of my customers. They told me that if I did a TV commercial in Spanish, it would tarnish my reputation and hurt my business but my business thrived.  It's always interested me how my ideas are attacked. When I made the Hispanic TV commercial, I was attacked from the far right and defended by the far left. With the flag, I'm attacked from the far left and defended by the far right. The extreme left and right are always the most vocal and visible. What neither "far side" understands or cares about is the vast silent majority who, in the long run, determine the direction in which we move. The silent majority hears and sees what the left and right are making all the noise about, but they are too busy going about their daily lives, raising kids, going to work, and enjoying life to "jump into the fray". If I had to tell you one thing that has been responsible for my success it's that I think like a member of the silent minority but I've not always been silent. Maybe I should think of myself as a "spokesman" for the silent majority.   When the flag honoring the 9/11 First Responders is raised soon in one of our local communities, I and the silent majority will prevail as we always do and the ranting of the fringes will be long forgotten. Florida, Palm Beach County (or Martin) and a local town will be known as  the home of the World's tallest American flag and a memorial to the First Responders of 9/11.  The vast silent majority will benefit all economically and righteously even the fringes who always protest progress. The flag honoring the First Responders of 9/11 will go up and it will be the tallest American flag in the World. I'm writing this from my hotel room in New York City where I had lunch on Tuesday with Mayor Rudy Giuliani. We discussed the First Responders of 9/11, he is totally supportive of the flag, and I will invite him to speak at the flag raising. The flag might not go up in Lake Park but it will go up and soon. I will give Lake Park one more chance to understand what this flag will mean to Americans and the World, but I'm confident that other local municipalities would be honored to be the home of such a tribute to our First Responders who willingly gave their lives to save other Americans.  

Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson

Anybody who does not agree with you is a fringe kook while the silent majority supports you.How do you determine that the silent majority supports you?Just because the sheep are silent does not mean they like your idea. it just means they are too lazy to comment.The comments by the people in response to your flag pole idea are not supportive. The truth is that you are determined to have your way in spite of the fact that many many people do not want a giant flag pole eyesore dominating the landscape.Of course the whole idea is to have no  escape from HAVING TO SEE EARL STEWART'S GIANT FLAGPOLE and think of what a great man he was to erect a giant flagpole.Thats the real reason for this BS idea in the first place. 

Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson

EarlStewart --You are a vain A Hole and a braggart filled with self admiration for your supposed maverick ways.You are determined to erect your monument to self even when a majority of your fellow citizens hate the idea. You are a conceited egotistical man determined to get his way in spite of the fact that most people do not want his monument to Earl Stewart to be erected. We see right through your patriotism BS. " Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels" Samuel Johnson"  NO FLAGPOLE  NEVER!!!!  


If you really want to support Americans you would quit selling the Jap junk that's putting Americans out of work.  You're the biggest ASSHOLE I've ever seen.


Just sit on your flagpole there Earl. 

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