Video Released of Black Woman Set on Fire at a Boynton Beach 7-Eleven; Glenn Beck's Website Responds Quite Predictably

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We told you yesterday about the first-degree murder charges levied against 52-year-old Roosevelt Mondesir, who police say attacked his baby mama and set her on fire before hiding in a bush for, like, three hours before getting arrested.

Police haven't released anything new about the condition of the victim, who was taken to Delray Trauma Center. Mondesir was also treated for burns and is now in jail on first-degree murder charges. Thanks to the 7-Eleven where it all went down, there's a video of it -- and thanks to Glenn Beck's website the Blaze (no pun intended), there are big piles of racist comments.

Some highlights:
  • Why is it always black people?
  • Why aren't these apes in the African jungle? How can they be in the street in the civilized world, without a lead and a muzzle? Who is their owner at all? That man should be punished.
  • the media has been trying to make us believe that blacks are just like whites and that all whites want to be black... haha keep trying scumbag media
  • The ratten nigger "man" monkey!
  • omgs, i cant wait for the outrage from Revrum Jackson & Al "gibs muh dat" Sharpton! *crickets* just the standard 99% of daily violence in America. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  • the divorce laws cater to the female and make a slave out of the guys, this is what happens when the guys have had it, hello anybody have any other ideas feel free to share!

  • Gee another Black crime. Who would have guessed?
  • Also, the woman was driving a Mercedes and the man was driving a Jaguar. I wonder what line of work they're in.
  • Obamaville, USA.
  • This is black on black, "go figure", so it did not happen........
  • Personally,i dont care,when blacks start caring not only for and about themselves,but others in this country,maybe i will then care,other til then, burn baby burn....... What,too harsh? Screw it......
  • Yep...Obama voters.

Congratulations, reasonable people from both parties. This is the most vocal, mobilized political segment in the country.

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Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Matt; Have you grown bored of AZ yet? ... AZ, that liberal hotbed of tolerance, love, and sanity...

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Can you remind me again .. who's Glenn Beck?  And what's his significance?

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Just how did Beck get a contract worth $100 million if all he does is spread this sort of insanity?

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