Bill Clinton Looks at Obama's Problems, Points to Allen West

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Absent any actual legislative influence or accomplishments of his own to tout in his campaign, Allen West has turned to whining nonstop about Barack Hussein Obama and his evil communist Marxist progressive liberal despicable agenda. Don't take my word for it -- check out West's Facebook page and look for a single example of a positive thing he's done for This Our Most Glorious of Republics. Nothin' doin'.

Maybe his campaign Facebook page? Nah. Obama sucks, unemployment is up, and that should  be enough for you to vote for West because COMMUNISM IS JUST SO AWFUL. You can tell how awful it is by how many of his commenters say it is after they misspell his name and say he should run for vise president!!!!

West has shit-talked his way onto the national stage and raked in money from across the country for his efforts. But it might be backfiring too -- his dishonest rhetoric is now being spouted -- gasp! -- at Obama fundraisers. By former liberal presidents.

Here's what Bill Clinton said Monday night, among a laundry list of difficulties Obama has had to deal with during the past three and a half years:
He's had to get all this done with a House of Representatives that had one of the Tea Party members claim that 78 to 81 members of the Democratic Caucus were members of the Communist Party, and neither the presidential nominee nor any of the leaders rebuked him for saying that.

This is not the 1950s. At least Joe McCarthy could skate on the fact that there were one or two living communists walking around. Nobody's seen a communist in over a decade.
Roasted. Conservative website the Blaze passed on the video, along with a valiant and incorrect defense of West's statement that says he meant "even though they may not call themselves 'Communists,' today's progressives have adopted the same ideology of the out-of-control state controlling private citizens. And that's not a whacky theory."

Well, no, that's not so whacky. Unfortunately, that's not at all what West meant when he said "I believe there are 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party that are members of the Communist Party," and he went to great lengths to make that clear -- he went on television later and said, "I stand by what I'm saying" and went on Mark Levin's radio show and lied through his teeth about how progressive is just a code word for communist and how Congress is trying to put communist amendments into the Constitution. Then he said he did the whole thing on purpose.

West has a national anger parade following his every move. But now the Democrats are catching on -- and it's not just Patrick Murphy who's going to be using his statements against him.

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Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

I must say that the combination of profound ignorance and unimaginable stupidity you possess must be some sort of a record among homo sapiens. It is truly astonishing. Are you able to dress and feed yourself?


 Dubya in his worst day cared more about the welfare of this nation than Barak the Fool.  And Biden is dumber than a brick, unlike Cheney. It is so pitiful that Democraps like you, don't either care or understand how destructive Barak the Fool has been to this nation.  But Kool Aid drinkers like you never learn until they start clutching their throats. BTW - New Orleans was hit by a hurricane and the Federal bureaucrats (who fools like you love and trust).  

Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

You mean deal with problems the way George W(orst Ever) Bush dealt with the economy and war and peace and the Constitution and New Orleans after Katrina and appointing Harriet Meiers to the Supreme Court while President Cheney ran the country?


How very, very sad that Barak the Fool has been kneecapped by all of these problems.  He thought that the world was going to be Sugar Plum Land forever after he was elected.  How shocking that it wasn't.  A president is elected to DEAL with problems, not whine about them after he has failed. Barak is a fool.  This is why he shouldn't get re-elected.

Happy Warrior
Happy Warrior

Maybe Bill will help as much as he did in Wisconsin   LOLOL

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