Best Meetup Group: South Florida Preppers Survives, Even After Gun Shop Closes

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When we were putting together this year's Best of Broward-Palm Beach edition (out on the streets now), we stumbled across an old category we had dreamed up for something else: Best Meetup group (i.e. on 

I had just finished reporting a story about local preppers getting ready for a dollar collapse or other doomsday scenario. And it turns out they congregate through a Meetup group that brings together diverse members (old and young, gun nuts, families, single moms...) for occasional events. And they'd be more than happy to show you the ropes, if you're really interested.

As Best Of was going to press, we learned that Neal Wiseman, one of the main characters in our story, had shut down Dixie Guns and Ammo to focus on other business ventures. The gun shop had been the main gathering point for the preppers, and we had to scrub the item from the print edition at the last minute.

But it turns out that the group is still as active as ever, and Wiseman is still at the helm. Though there won't be any more barbecues in a camouflage-bedecked public-storage lot in Pompano Beach with the smell of fresh gunpowder in the air (not really), there are sure to be plenty of events that spread awareness of survival techniques with a general punch-drunk optimism about the incredible odds we mere humans currently face.

Check out the group, and our Best Of item, online. Happy prepping!

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Thanks for the kind words. The group was a great promotional tool for the gun shop when I had it. I honestly wouldn't have started the group had I originally not had a relevant commercial interests to promote. I have to walk on eggshells to not allow myself to be lumped into a negative "radical person" category when I speak my mind at meetings, or in message board posts. It is sad and unfair that Americans who want to study natural rights, self sufficiency and make preparations for disasters can be negatively labeled as radicals, but I understand that some of these groups are capable of attracting bad people. This leaderless group has turned out to be a a lot of family fun with a wide diversity of people and was an effective communications medium for discussing real world perspectives with people who look outside of the box. We discuss topics that the left and right (same) media will not discuss like the fact that the first Federal Reserve audit in 100 years shows Goldman Sachs as receiving over EIGHT HUNDRED BILLION dollars in bail out funds. Goldman Sachs is the same corporation that is the single largest donor to both the Romney and Obama campaigns. The country is being driven off of a cliff into bankrubtcy and America is too comfy to stand up, take notice, or to even care. Our meetup group strives to form community in anticipation of the "great correction", while conventional media outlets typically divide and distract their audiences.

Thanks again for keeping us in mind. You and everyone of ALL walks of life are certainly welcome to join us if they share our common interests.

Enjoy the good days.


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