Miami Herald Will Not Actually Sell You a Coffee Mug With Rudy Eugene's Photo On It

Categories: Crime
Rudy Eugene was shot by police Saturday afternoon as he ate Ronald Poppo's face near the Miami Herald building. The Herald had the story on Sunday, along with a photo of Eugene, dead on the sidewalk. Tuesday, the Pulp had two other photographs and the story that the Herald photo was available for sale on the newspaper's website.

Well, I ordered a coffee mug with the photograph on it. I'm almost relieved to report that it won't be arriving.

Though the Herald website let me order the mug (and will still let you do the same), I received a very polite email last night from myCapture, the third-party vendor who sells the Herald photos. It said, "This image was not intended for sale and the Miami Herald is not offering reprints or products of any kind of this image. This order has thus been cancelled and refunded."

And now I have to drink out of my "The View Summer 2007" mug instead.
Thank goodness.

(Also, our sister paper, Miami New Times, has been all over the Rudy Eugene case. Check out its Riptide blog for more.)

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