Rudy Eugene Not the Only Guy Who Ate People This Week: Charges Against Alleged Cannibal Alexander Kinyua

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Harford County Sheriff's Office, via B'more Sun
Everyone in the country has heard about the case of Rudy Eugene, the Miami man who was killed by police as he, without any clothes on, ate a homeless man's face under a bridge. But it wasn't the only case of cannibalism this week.

Maryland 21-year-old Alexander Kinyua was denied bail yesterday afternoon after he told police he killed a man and ate his heart and brain.

Kinyua's father called police after his other son found a head and two hands inside metal tins in the family laundry room, according to the Baltimore Sun.

He told police he cut the victim up with a knife and ate parts of him; the rest of the man was found in a Dumpster. Kinyua is an electrical engineering student at Morgan State University but was reportedly in the process of being expelled after he was accused of attacking another student with a baseball bat earlier this month.

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Food Network NEEDS to get this guy signed on as a celebrity chef judge for the hit show, Chopped.  What an opportunity. 

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