Ron Vinci Murder: Photos From the Crime Scene

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All photos courtesy Broward State Attorney
A portrait of Pileggi and Vinci, found in their home.
While we were reporting our cover story on the murder of high-flying multimillionaire Ron Vinci and the impending trial of his girlfriend, Catherine Pileggi, New Times went to court to fight for the release of evidence and statements collected during the police investigation. The judge granted us access to everything except Pileggi's private journals. Those files informed the story as well as subsequent revelations about a bottle of poisoned gin and a death in St. Lucia

Below is a sampling of the hundreds of photographs taken by authorities at the scene.

Warning: Some of the images are graphic.

Investigators discovered the bed in the back bedroom looking like this...

...and this, stowed in a Bentley in the garage, was the rest.

Meanwhile, Vinci's body was wrapped up on the floor next to the bed...

...covered in coffee grounds to hide the smell.

Investigators also found some of Vinci's personal effects...

...and a gun, with a bullet lodged in the chamber, whose caliber matched Vinci's gunshot wounds Kitchen knives were also photographed and collected as evidence.

Vinci's will, in an office drawer. He left his properties to his son.

Catherine Pileggi on the day of the discovery. She was later released from the police station for a week while the investigation continued. She faces murder charges.

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