Psychic-Shop Owner Tells Everyone Previous Psychic Occupant "Was a Fraud"

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Stefan Kamph
There's a small psychic shop on SW Fourth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, just south of the bridge. If you drove by on Sunday, you may have seen a banner across the front door, reading:

Persons who have given this psychic money, before March 2012, you have been defrauded. Would you like your money back?
Call 713-256-3867

What the hell is going on? We called up to find out. 

"The lady was doing fraud over here, and so we put up a sign," said Dewey Evans, reached at the Houston-area cell phone number.

What kind of fraud? Well, Evans says that the previous owner sold the business to him and his nephew Mitchell for $10,000, to continue running it as a psychic shop. He says he later found out three months' rent was owed on the space, and that the building was in foreclosure.

That last bit we can verify: a Deutsche Bank trust is listed as the owner in county property records. The phone number written on the door leads to "Psychic Ava," who appears to still be doing business online and over the phone. Evans claims someone -- though he didn't have exact names -- knowingly sold him the business without informing him of the back rent or the foreclosure. Both would seemingly be fairly easy to identify before buying a business. 

Ava had not called us to comment by the time we published this, so we'll reach out to her this morning.

Update 11:41 a.m.: It gets weirder. The number for "Psychic Ava" led to a woman -- who did not confirm or deny that she was Ava -- who says she was part of the party buying the business from the previous owners, and that she is going through a divorce from the new owner and doesn't have much information. "Good luck tracking them down," she says of the former tenants. 

"If they ripped off us, I'm sure they ripped off other people," says Evans. So he had the banner printed, and hung it up on Sunday.

He says he's not looking for complaints to build a civil suit, but for criminal charges. 

Some might argue that all psychics are kind of... frauds. Evans says no. "They're supposed to be a counselor for people who have problems. To calm them down, like a psychologist."

More updates on Psychic vs. Psychic as we have them.

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sorry, its some amazing psychic. dont want to spam it, but can edit other message


hm, very interesting. What you think about this psychic?

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Michael Mercede
Michael Mercede

Actually, whoever said "like a psychologist" broke the law and is practicing psychological counseling without a license. 


ATTETION Stefan Kamph please read this whole thing and you will find out thats it is the truthThis is a very funny story this psychic witch is Dewey Evans who"s AKA Grover Evans who"s sister is Ester Evans who"s son Nick Louis Mitchel and who's wife Ava AKA Brandy Mitchell are all realated to three Evans women who came from forth worth Texas and scammed a elderly man for a $150 thousand and a new rolax watch these three woman were lock up in hollywood fl. and are now serving prison for 5 years each so the real psychic scammers are Dewey Evans and family they also are wanted in the state of Texas, Georgia, and Florida for stealing airline parts and precious metals from airplane hangers there wanted by the FBI. They have many AKA names that they use they are also realated to a psychic by name of laura marks and jimmy marks of delray florida and kansas city kansas they have been known to scam people also


Too bad the psychic didn't know who Eva's clients were or that the rent wasn't paid.  Guess his crystal ball was busted.


Ha Ha .. if they are psychics shouldn't they have been able to look in their crystal ball and seen rough seas or dark clouds....

Abbie Gardner
Abbie Gardner

Agree with that comment, if these psychics were any good in the first place then why were they so much in debt?

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