Alleged Killers James Ayers, Nicole Okrzesik Talked About Corpse on Facebook, Went to Wet Willie's After Murder

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Ayers and Okrzesik, in a photo posted the night of the murder.
Nicole Okrzesik and James Ayers have been arrested in the March murder of 19-year-old Juliana Mensch.

We've already brought you the creepy text messages between Okrzesik and Ayers after the crime and the homicidal Google searches Okrzesik allegedly made, but there's more: In addition to text-message arguments about what to do with Mensch's body, Okrzesik and Ayers appear to have used Facebook chat to plot their next moves too.

The first bits of Facebook info about the alleged crime come from around 8 p.m. on March 23 -- around seven hours before the murder, according to police. Okrzesik posts a picture from an IHOP and tags Mensch:
She then posted four photos just before midnight, including the one featured at the top of this post. Police say the photos were taken on NW Seventh Terrace, at the house where Mensch's body was found.

Police say the murder happened sometime early the morning of March 24. That afternoon, Okrzesik posted that she was in Miami:
And by 5:30, she was partying in South Beach:
She also posted pictures of her and Ayers at the bar:
On March 25, Okrzesik and Ayers got in an argument via text message about what to do with Mensch's body and whether to turn themselves in. The argument ended in the early hours of March 26, with Ayers asking Okrzesik to come over and getting repeatedly brushed off.

The argument started up again later March 26, on Facebook:

3/26, 2 p.m.
Ayers: if you don't show up I'm telling your dad and the police everything

Okrzesik: I'm waiting for money

6 p.m.
Ayers: I'm not going down by myself If you wont help me, your going with me

7:23 p.m.
Okrzesik: I haven't been on Facebook I had to find wifi I'm not ignoring you

3/27, 3:52 a.m.
Ayers: Danielle's msging me about you and julie
  You have til 9
  You asked me if I was ready, why would you do that if u werent coming? Thanks for everything. dont worry, ill repay the favor
  Cuz I know you wontbe [sic] here by 9

3/27, 9:18 a.m.
Okrzesik: What did Danielle say?

Ayers: She said Jules missing

Okrzesik: What did you say?

Ayers: It was 3 am, I didn't respond
  We have to figure this out, Im not going to but if the smell gets worse were fucked

Okrzesik: Cant we just go dump it somewhere then take off

Ayers: Please just get here already, I need you, were in this together

Okrzesik didn't show up -- later March 27, she checked into a drug rehab facility.

The next day, Ayers was arrested after police say he told several people the details of the crime and said he was going to kill himself.

Ayers has been charged with first-degree murder (his trial starts June 25), and Okrzesik's case will be presented to a grand jury June 7, according to the Broward State Attorney's Office.

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Dan K Alexander
Dan K Alexander

The jurors are going to have to question motive.  There is nothing sick about that. My gut tells me that Ayers is going to testify against Okrzesik in exchange for a lesser charge (second degree murder).  He'd be wise to take that if offered. Read the messages between the two.  Ayers is clamoring for Okrzesik's attention.  He is basically begging her.   There have been rumors that both Juliana and Nicole were escorts.  If that is the case, my guess is that Ayers and Okrzesik contracted the services of Mensch, the three of them got high, they possibly had sex (possibly numerous times), and then (either during or after coitus) Ayers strangled Mensch (either on Okrzesik's orders or to gain her admiration).  I wouldn't be surprised if Okrzesik's and/or Ayers' attorney will argue that the strangling was an accidental sex-game (asphyxiation) type thing gone wrong.  I guess it is going to hinge on exactly what the internet search on strangulation is/was.  The conversations that took place after the act probably will not play into the sentencing (unless some really horrible revelation is exposed that the media has yet to report). One thing is for certain, Ayers' behavior shows that he is/was remorseful for what had transpired.  Okrzesik... not so much.   If Okrzesik researched how to strangle someone (outside of the context of sexual gratification) then she is definitely a candidate for Murder One.  If the defense attorneys can prove that the internet search was done within the context of sexual gratification, Okrzesik and Ayers have a decent chance of being found guilty of Manslaughter (Man One or Man Two).  But being that Ayers expressed remorse in some of the messages AND to friends/acquaintances, my guess is that the Broward County District Attorney's Office will offer Murder Two to Ayers in exchange for his testimony against Okrzesik on a Capital Murder charge. So here is the $64k question: Will Ayers roll the dice and go for manslaughter charges?  If he rolls the dice and wins, the worst that he is looking at is 20 years in prison.  If he rolls the dice and loses, he will most likely die in prison.  Okrzesik's argument is going to hinge on whatever Ayers decides to do.  All I know is that if I were Ayers' attorney, I would be convincing him to flip on Okrzesik and to cop to a Murder Two rap.  Copping to the Murder Two rap would probably get him 20 years with the possibility of parole.  If Ayers clams up and refuses to cooperate, the state will probably go for Capital Murder charges on both he and Okrzesik (and they'll probably win barring any procedural maneuvering by the defense attorneys; i.e. that Ayers never waived his right to counsel before being questioned by the police, that the police searched Ayers' apartment improperly when they discovered Mensch's body, etc.).  But I wouldn't go for that if I were Ayers or his attorney(s).  Between the physical evidence AND the text/Facebook messages, it looks like the state has more than enough to get a conviction.  But like I said earlier, it all depends on precisely what the internet search(es) were for. If Ayers and/or his attorneys are reading this, plea to Murder Two in exchange for testimony against Okrzesik.  Unless you can establish a shred of doubt that this death was accidental a a result of a sex game gone wrong, the risk of taking it to trial instead of pleading to Murder Two is not worth the reward. My heart goes out to Mensch's family and friends.  I sincerely hope that a young lady reads this and is dissuaded from the temptation of drugs and/or prostitution.  EDIT: Yeah, I just read the internet searches. Okrzesik started off slow (i.e. just looking for ways to keep Mensch unconscious). This is a robbery gone wrong. So, now the question is, did Okrzesik strangle Mensch first (and Ayers finished the job) or did she (Okrzesik) convince Ayers to do it for her? If the former is the case, the state is going to have to go for Murder Two against Ayers. If the later is the case, Ayers attorneys can argue that he was high on drugs and that he ought to be found guilty of Murder Two (even if the state goes for Capital Murder). I said it before and I will say it again, Ayers ought to plea to Murder Two in exchange for testimony against Okrzseik. He is going to prison no matter what; but he doesn't have to die in prison (unless he takes the risk and loses).

Skeeved out
Skeeved out

Wow, you twisted sick weirdo.  Way to make a murder by junkies over money into a dark, psychosexual fantasy that manages to blame the murdered teenager. Stay classy.


they are both sick human beings (if you can call then that) the death penalty is not enough punishment  they should get life imprisonment without no parole ever and be forced to look at the picture of the young and beautiful girl and human being everyday to see that they took away someone's daughter, sister, aunt , and friend  but maybe the reality is that they have no heart to be remorseful 

Hollister Brittnie
Hollister Brittnie

This is just sick. They both are. Honestly don't know where people in this world get the idea to do this over the stupidest things.

Tim Johns
Tim Johns

Ok I just saw this on Nancy Grace news show and really disgusted hearing this.  Come on, first its the "naked face chewer" in Miami, now this in Ft  Lauderdale.  What IS WRONG WITH FL??????  Really this scares the S#$@ out of me.

Angie McCombs
Angie McCombs

I was Nicole's roommate in a rehab facility a couple months before all this happened... How sad and crazy is all this. I feel so bad for the poor young girl involved. When i met Nicole... i would have never thought this out of her. Now three lives are over... for what? The next high. Drugs are so powerful and disgusting. I will be keeping Juliana's family in my prayers... And i have been praying for the daughter that Nicole has left behind as well. So very sad.

John Doe
John Doe

as much as a shitbag he is, at least ayers has a bit of a conscience and remorse. that nicole bitch is a stone cold cunt.


I hope when you both go to prison the same thing if not worse happens to both of you by the biggest baddest inmate around you both deserve to suffer very slowly rot in hell you animals


Hope u gt the max penalty lik "DEATH PENALTY" U SICK FUKS!!!


i hope they get death i hope they suffer as much this poor lil girl did and god i hope you get hell


Not human.  Vermin.


What was the real reason for the homicide.  Did Ms. Juliana reject his (Ayers) advances?  Why was she (Juliana) called a monster under the first uploaded picture of pancakes?  And by whom?  His girlfriend Nicole Okrzesik?  Why?  Did Juliana like/flirt Ayers?  Enough for Him to want to do it with her but she rejected him to going all the way so in the heat of the moment, strangled her? 

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