Republican Presidential Candidates Owe Floridians More Than $230,000

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Pony up, Mr. Used-to-Be-Speaker.
Newt Gingrich's campaign for the Republican presidential campaign is over. Done-zo. Finished. The guy is walking around his home state wearing a Mitt Romney sticker.

But the former speaker of the House isn't even close to concluding the dealings surrounding his campaign, as documents filed over the weekend show. Gingrich owes almost $4.8 million in debts related to his campaign, according to the filings, including more than $170,000 to Florida businesses.

He owes more than $32,000 to Coral Gables-based AI Advisory for an expense listed as "phone program," $1,070 to Fletcher Printing Co. in Lakeland, $2,500 to a Collier County consulting firm, $13,000 to an Ocala sign company, and $63,250 to a Tampa DJ company.

"We've spoken to the campaign, and they have said that they will take care of it as soon as possible. And we think they will," said Tere Gutierrez, director of Noiseworks Media, a Coral Gables-based advertising company that Gingrich owes $22,000. "It usually does not happen, but we have a very good relationship with him."

(The Saint PetersBlog points out that Gingrich quickly paid off a $3,800 debt to the Villages.)

While Gingrich's Florida debts are the largest among the former candidates, he's not the only one who's yet to pony up: As of the end of April, Rick Santorum owed a Sarasota company $32,477 for "Air Charter/Truck Rental/Printing/Signs."

Michele Bachmann owed a Tampa accounting firm $32,487 at the end of March, in addition to a $1,917 bill at Palm Harbor company Vertical Horizons One for "voter contact" and "campaign management."

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has $9.2 million on hand and no debts on file.
Gingrich Debts

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Hu Flung Poo
Hu Flung Poo

Why anyone deals with political campaigns on anything other than a cash basis, I dunno. John Glenn's 1984 Presidential campaign still has debts. If you extend services to a political campaign on credit, you deserve to be violated.


the debt ceiling was nothing compared to this...typical republican foolery!

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

And of COURSE you know, they will all end up defaulting on all that cash since thats the republican way.  At least Romney paid everyone up front.


Shortest measured span of time is that period between a failed campaign and the moment an election checking account is closed out. Been there, got screwed. 

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