Nancy Grace Show to Feature Juliana Mensch Murder Tonight

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(Running updates whenever we add another article about the case)

Tonight at 8, the Nancy Grace Show on HLN will feature the murder of Juliana Mench, the 19-year-old found strangled in a room in Fort Lauderdale in March. Barring some kind of creative editing, a certain Pulp blogger wearing a charming red and black tie will be featured, in between a bunch of lawyers and commentators of every stripe.

They will also dedicate a considerable amount of time to reenacting the text messages between James Ayers and Nicole Okrzesik, the accused killers. And yes, Casey Anthony was mentioned.

We've been covering the story since Ayers was arrested at the end of March; here's a quick rundown of the stories we've put together for anyone not familiar with the case.

March 30: Our first story about the crime; not a lot was available at the time, but it was the first we heard about Ayers, a woman named Julie, and a dead body.

April 2: The details start coming out -- police said Ayers was arrested after driving around in Mensch's car and telling his friend he strangled her.

April 3: There was a hint of a chest tattoo in Ayers' mug shot -- turns out it says "Sicker Than Most," and he claimed on Facebook to have done it himself.

April 25: Just some quick info about Ayers' first court date.

May 2: The court date was set, but his lawyer said there were still mental health questions about Ayers' competency.

May 11: More than a month after the crime, Okrzesik was arrested at the drug-treatment facility she checked into in the days following the murder.

May 14: Text messages between Ayers and Okrzesik show the two allegedly arguing over what to do with Mensch's body and whether to turn themselves in.

May 21: Internet records from Okrzesik's phone show searches for some creepy things while Mench reportedly slept on the floor next to her.

May 29: The long electronic trail Ayers and Okrzesik left gets creepier -- they checked in on Facebook at Wet Willie's the same day Mensch died, and continued their text argument about the body via Facebook chat in the days after that.

June 7: A grand jury ruled Okrzesik should stand trial with Ayers June 25.

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Of course Nancy Grace is covering this. It's a dead blonde girl.


This is why I am glad there are ways to track messages, text exchanges etc. when there is a legal reason for it, because it it was not for this, these pair would still be out in the streets and another unsolved case ... so sad for the victim and her family. 

Eddie Trinidad
Eddie Trinidad

This is what happens  when people truly have no understanding of social networks at least they made it easy to catch em ,what idiots , Im not condoning murder by no means but this was not a robbery it was a thrill kill , damn shame

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