Hallandale Beach Protesters to Block Federal Highway Traffic Tonight

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Workers at the Mardi Gras Casino say management has been adopting illegal union-busting tactics with its workers, and now they're planning a king-hell spectacle to bring attention to it.

Event organizers say they have 500 "confirmed" participants for a rally tonight that will start at B.F. James Park on NW Ninth Street in Hallandale Beach and continue, in the road, down Pembroke Road and Federal Highway.

They'll stop at the entrance of the casino, where "a group of 30 workers, clergy, community leaders, and concerned citizens plan on taking arrest" by blocking the intersection of Federal Highway and Atlantic Shores Boulevard about 7:30 p.m.

The Mardi Gras drama started last year, when ex-workers say they were fired for attempting to organizing a union. The workers filed a complaint in January, and last week a federal workers' rights agency filed a formal complaint that will go court June 25 if it isn't resolved ahead of time. So the issue with the group calling itself the "Mardi Gras 10" is on its way to resolution -- but an organizer of tonight's event, Romane Petit, said it's about more than that.

"All over South Florida, workers have no rights. Workers are suffering from injustice," she said. "We need to send a message to all the other casinos."

Petit is a staffer with Unite Here Local 355, a union representing 5,400 workers at casinos, sports venues, airports, and hotels. She called the alleged Mardi Gras union-busting "one symptom of a disease."

Mardi Gras management has declined to comment to the media because of the ongoing case.

If you're interested in checking it out for yourself, they're meeting at the park at 101 NW Ninth St. between 6:20 and 7 p.m., then marching over to the casino. The "civil disobedience action" is scheduled for 7:30.

"This is bigger than Mardi Gras," Petit said. "That's why we are doing it. It's bigger."

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As per usual, a bunch of greedy jerks want more money for less work, so they band together to extort that from their employer.  The first thing they do is claim that evil management is trying to screw them.  Item 001 in the union goon playbook.

I feel no pity for them.  If the job is soooo bad, then get another one.  The working conditions are horrible, (indoors, air conditioned and no heavy lifting).

In a way, I hope the union gets in.  Injun casinos are badly run, screw the public and have a monopoly they should not have.  The parasite Seminoles deserve a parasite union.  


"A group of 30 workers, clergy, community leaders, and concerned citizens plan on taking arrest" and getting all of their cavities thoroughly searched...


Mardi Gras is not an "injun casino." It is not own or run by the Seminole tribe.

Workers could perhaps look for other jobs after not getting livable wages or any noticeable raise after years of employment, but will enough of the public be unmoved by demonstrations of worker dissatisfaction? Sure, perhaps those who go there to gamble could not care less about working conditions and pay, but at least the workers are letting the public know that they're unhappy, and then the public can make a choice whether or not to patronize the establishment.

If you believe that unhappy workers who feel very badly treated and disrespected should just shut up, then perhaps you'd be happier living in a place like China. Local officials in China go to extreme measures to ensure that anyone demanding any kind of rights, even those already enumerated by law, see their lives destroyed and their family and friends abused and imprisoned as well just for expecting some justice. Does that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

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