George Zimmerman Launches New Website, Social Media Accounts

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George Zimmerman might have shut down his bootleg website at, but his new legal counsel has launched a professionally designed website at to help with the public relations nightmare surrounding the February killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

"We understand that it is unusual for a legal defense to maintain a social media presence on behalf of a defendant, but we also acknowledge that this is a very unusual case," his lawyers wrote. "Social media in this day and age cannot be ignored. It is now a critical part of presidential politics, it has been part of revolutions in the Middle East, and it is going to be an unavoidable part of high-profile legal cases... We feel it would be irresponsible to ignore the robust online conversation."

It would also be irresponsible to ignore the obvious potential for profit: Zimmerman raised more than $200,000 from his last web-based donation venture. People want to help him, and lawyers, especially the kind who start up Facebook pages for you, don't come cheap.

"The large amount of money that has been raised to date for George's defense, I believe, is a testament to the support for George as he goes through this most difficult time," his lawyer wrote. "Though the concept of a legal defense fund is quite unique, it serves a very valid purpose and gives an opportunity for people to show their support to Mr. Zimmerman."

In addition to, you can now also go on Facebook and like the "George Zimmerman Legal Case," where lawyers post long sentences about nothing in particular and commenters respond by pretending to understand the intricacies of legal ethics.

But don't worry -- the George Zimmerman Defense Fund "will be up soon and available for donations."

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Mr. Zimmerman's attorney assures people that donate that their identity would not be disclosed. Well, that is not being candid but rather a falsehood and a material misrepresentation because as he very well knows, all it takes is a Court issued subpoena duces tecum directed to the custodian of records for PayPal and they would be legally bound to turn over that information which would include e a transaction log that would detail the date, time, name, bank name, bank account information, IP Address, amount, AND email address for every person that click that button to send any money through PayPal . And once that information is provided, it could be published all over the social media where EVERYONE and his mother can see it. So don't be tricked into this dangerous game because it is like playing russian roulette...


I won't be visiting his website - as much as I respect his lawyer, I guarantee that he wouldn't want me on a jury - conviction would be certain!!!!


His attorney fee will be 500,000 to 1,000,000.


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