Portion of Fort Lauderdale International Airport Evacuated for "Unknown Substance" (Update: We're good.)

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A section of Fort Lauderdale International Airport Terminal 2 has been evacuated and HAZMAT investigators are on the scene, according to Broward Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Dani Moschella. At least three four victims have reported respiratory issues after being exposed to an "unknown substance/irritant." More to come.

(UPDATE: All clear, per the Miami Herald. Authorities have determined a passenger had an aerosol can in a piece of luggage, and it burst at a TSA checkpoint. All back to normal.)

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Someone's pepper spray went off in her purse.  And for that, tens of thousands of dollars, thousands delayed, rebooked, time wasted. These TSA's can't tell what pepper is?  And figure that out.  Really?

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