Frank Biden "Plans to Save the Country" With Mavericks High Schools

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Biden says he's on a mission from God.
Frank Biden, younger brother of the man who is second in line for the White House, has a flair for the dramatic. Last year, he called the Mavericks High charter school in Palm Springs a "hope factory" and said its management company, Mavericks in Education Florida, was "on a mission from God." 

Now, he says Mavericks schools are going to "save the country." As he wrote on his blog yesterday:

Frank Biden plans to save the country, one student at a time. With the dropout rates in the state of Florida and in the entire nation reaching alarming levels, the brother of US Vice President Joe Biden is dedicated to eradicate eradicating the silent epidemic by serving as the President and Director for Business Development for Mavericks in Education.
Well, it's true. Mavericks does serve students who would otherwise drop out of high school. But the West Palm Beach Beach company is also facing three whistle-blower lawsuits alleging that two of its schools inflate attendance records and improperly alter grades. Many of the Mavericks schools have graduation rates below 15 percent. They score "incomplete" on state report cards because so few students are taking the FCAT.

In February, the Palm Beach County School Board was so concerned about Mavericks' academic record that it denied the company's request to open three new schools. Yet the company continues to profit from its eight existing taxpayer-funded schools.

Is this a trend we should be proud to export to the rest of the nation?

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Please realize what you are writing about and get a full understanding before publishing. Charter schools have the ability to "opt-out" of the report card system so that is why it  shows incomplete. There is a pattern by the New Times of falling down hard on schools that have a low graduation rate. When you focus on a school that takes in students who were basically told by their district schools to "get a GED", every single student graduated should be celebrated. There are seniors (students that have been in school for 4 years) that enter Mavericks High School with only 3 out of the 24 credits needed to graduate. They are calculated into the graduation percentage although it is impossible for them to graduate. Please be careful before railroading an educational institution that, at the end of the day, gives an opportunity for students to get a true high school diploma that otherwise wouldn't. Locate and interview the graduates that are in UNIVERSITIES. Yes, that's right...universities, not just community colleges. Locate and interview the graduates that have not only received federal funding but ACADEMIC AND ATHLETIC scholarships. If you focus on the success stories, you wouldn't have time to listen to the pessimistic view points of those who lost their jobs because they weren't educating the students to the degree in which Mavericks requires. How much research do you actually do before you write this stuff??

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